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No Medals yet.
📚 Documentation

Call this template to display medals pictures easily.


To call this template you have to write it like this :
{{:Lucky God Casino/Medals|medal=?}}

Replace the ? by the according medal parameter OR number :

  • |medal=champion OR |medal=10 - Lucky God Casino Champion
  • |medal=roller OR |medal=9 - High Roller
  • |medal=instructor OR |medal=8 - Gambling Instructor
  • |medal=pro OR |medal=7 - Professional
  • |medal=serious OR |medal=6 - Serious Gambler
  • |medal=weekend OR |medal=5 - Weekend Gambler
  • |medal=street OR |medal=4 - Street Gambler
  • |medal=novice OR |medal=3 - Gambling Novice
  • |medal=luck OR |medal=2 - Dumb Luck
  • |medal=cheater OR |medal=1 - Cheater's Medal
  • |medal=none OR |medal=0 - Will display a "No Medals yet." message

If the medal parameter is ommited, it's |medal=none by default.

There is also a size parameter, which default is 75px.