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« Someone please take care of this stupid hero so I can hit the Casino!
God Lord Rawl(U • C • T)  , Founder of Lucky God Casino
« Winner winner chicken dinner
God Preachy Lopnor(U • C • T)  , Current Guild leader

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Lucky God Casino has New Items!

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  1. The new way to gamble!
  2. Temple Owners Wall of Holy Fame
  3. Gallery of LUCKY GOD CASINO and Gambling Awards
Lucky God Casino
Motto: temere forte ludos
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 28012 c.u.
Date Founded: 17th June 2011
Membership Count: 216
Town with Greatest Influence: Trollbridge (2%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 14
Forum Headquarters: Lucky God Casino
Guild Page: Lucky God Casino
Data current as of 25th October 2011

♣ Welcome to the Lucky God Casino

The First and Only Gambling Hall/Casino in all of Godville! Founded 403 g.e.

Our Majestic Gambling Hall is situated in a most beautiful location, nestled on the bank of the River Stinks just outside of Godvillewood.

Are you tired of helplessly watching your hero(ine) attempt to complete his/her unheroic acts of stupidity while you, the Awesome God that you are, patiently wait for the coveted godpower required for you to enjoy playing? Have you ever wished that you could let someone else watch your hero(ine) so you could enjoy a randomized game of chance yourself?

Great News! Our motto here is "temere forte ludos", loosely translated as "random games of chance". Here, at the Lucky God Casino, you can check your hero(ine) into our "Hero Daycare Program" and you can enjoy your own random games of chance! That's right, we'll take care of your "little monster" like the child that he/she is so you can enjoy the games in our forum.

Lucky God Casino does not participate in the various wars of Godville. We feel that we have enough on our plate, just to care for your hero(ine) and to conduct our forum games. We accept all Gods/Goddesses and their hero(ine)s. We have no rivals and no allies.

If you wish to join us in the casino, simply send the following Voice command to your hero:

Join "Lucky God Casino" Guild

and start your quest for your own random games of chance!

Membership Benefits

Your membership in Lucky God Casino includes many benefits such as:

  • You will have your own permanent room in our Grand Castle (away from the loud gaming areas) which can be decorated to your liking
  • Exclusive use of our "Hero Daycare Program" program, allowing you to enjoy your stay without hearing the constant beckoning from your hero(ine)
  • Exclusive right to apply for a Distinguished Lucky God Casino Staff Position earning a LGC Chip Salary
  • VIP treatment in our gaming areas, mess halls and gift stores, conveniently located throughout our facility
  • You get to put one of these symbols in your motto for us to recognize you in the pantheons (use copy & paste) ♥♣♦♠ and/or ♡♢♤♧

How do I help Lucky God Casino?

This section was copied from Guild Name with their express written permission[1]. -Thanks "Guild Name"!

As a new member to Lucky God Casino, you may wonder what you can do to help the guild. According to Guilds, the best way to help us is to encourage or punish your character in a town when the character is idle (not healing or selling). This will increase the casino's influence in the town and increase the benefits we recieve within the Godville Universe.

Also, if you notice your character trying to join a different guild, you can always cancel it and stay with us. Just send the command "cancel quest" to your hero(ine) until he or she listens.

To increase our visibility, you can also put a reference to *Lucky God Casino* guild in your motto if you want, but please feel free not to as well- Lucky God Casino respects your wishes.

Feel free to add any of our guild members or founders as friends, and we will be happy to answer any questions we can. It also helps to increase guild unity (not Unity) if members befriend other members.

Temple Owners Wall of Holy Fame

Lucky God Casino holds in high esteem our members who reach 100% temple completion. Once completed, post in the forum and we'll be happy to add your medal to our Wall of Fame!!!

Additionally, temple owners receive free rounds of White Russian Roulette for however long the god remains an LGC member.
Plus, Ark owners receive free bets on Fuzzy Dice for however long the god remains an LGC member.

Thank you for your dedication!!!!

God(dess) Motto LGC Rank
01.God The Big Guy Upstairs ♥♣Kiss My Ace♦♠ whale
02.God Kaitlynne WAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! regent
03.God Spokenwordd Lucky God Casino! ♥♣♦♠ whale
04.God SpikesWire You've got to fight! ! !♠ regent
05.God Preachy Lopnor ♦*♣ Luck be a Lady!♣*♦ regent
06.God Moutas DasveedAnja! regent
07.God Aeklipsp ♠ ♦Murderface♣ ♥ regent
08.God Basileus No tan lines! whale
09.God His Divine Shadoe Pull my finger, I dare ya regent
10.God Emmuno I just ate WHAT?? whale
11.God Menae Hullabaloo Canek Canek! regent
12.God Tterrag For Pony! regent
13.God Vex the Shiny Go for the eyes, Boo! ♠ regent
14.God Docbrown91 Usque ad mortem! regent
15.God MOMMYROX Make it a double!! whale
16.God Justin922 That's what she said! regent
17.God Stubbs Willy Mays Hayes here regent
18.God Talissa ♥♣Hasenpfeffer♦♠ whale
19.God Queen Ant No other Hero like me! grand master
20.God The Being For loot! And EXP! whale
21.God Varnicous Chaaarge! regent
22.God Emilelinzq ♤ N♥b♥dy likes y♥u :( regent
23.God Fonsu C'mona, potato!♠ regent
24.God Axrael Band of the Red Hand ♥♣♦♠ regent
25.God Ash7 The Leons roar my name. regent
26.God Ronjeremy Amazing! regent
27.God Dozerman death by snu snu! whale
28.God Memis Brave and successfull! whale
29.God Luminous Triforce ◀Let luck decide my fate▶ prophet
30.God Hephaestus Vulcan ♣♠Spiked Mallet for Hire! patriarch
31.God Peregrin Tooc I count who counts! patriarch
32.God Ich Bin Der Ich Bin God is so good!!! cardinal
33.God IKhAoTiKK RP&MG follower
34.God Chuto the Fickle Prof. Schultz, Dentistry follower
35.God Santacluz winter is coming follower
36.God Jeffland Yuuuup! follower
37.God Milgirl For Milgirl!! advisor
38.God Eric the All I'm not dead yet! master

Lucky God Casino (LGC) Chips

LCG Chip

Here at Lucky God Casino, all bets are made by wagering your very own "Lucky God Casino Chips" a.k.a. "LGC Chips". In order to participate in our games, you must have some of these chips to make your bet(s). Before making any bets, you first need to open an account with Lucky God Casino. This may be accomplished by notifying God Hephaestus Vulcan by private message or in our forum. Hephaestus Vulcan will open your account with a Complimentary stack of LGC Chips, based on your membership status. There are numerous ways to gain LGC Chips once your account is established, which is illustrated in the following tables:

Existing Members of Lucky God Casino Guild

  • (50 Chips) to existing members of Lucky God Casino Guild upon opening an account
  • (5 Chips) for posting a successful town influence in our forum
  • (5 Chips) for posting a successful cancellation of a quest to join any other guild
  • (25 Chips) for referring a friend to our Game Hall (visit to our forum) and having them post in our forum that you referred them
  • (25 Chips) for recruiting a friend into Lucky God Casino (becoming a Guild member) and having them post in our forum that you recruited them
  • (25 Chips) for posting an increase in LGC Guild Rank (Follower, Master, Chief Master, etc.) in our forum
  • (10 Chips/week) once the rank of *hierarch* is achieved (as long as a post was made in the forum the prior week)
  • (100 Chips) for suggesting something that we decide to include in Lucky God Casino
  • (25 Chips/week for each type of game Dealt in that week) Earn a salary[2] of chips by joining our staff and hosting games in our forum periodically
  • (various amounts) for winning in any of our Casino Games

Members of other guilds can get chips too

  • (25 Chips) upon opening an account
  • (10 Chips) for referring a friend to our Game Hall (visit to our forum) and having them post in our forum that you referred them
  • (25 Chips) for recruiting a friend into Lucky God Casino (becoming a Guild member) and having them post in our forum that you recruited them
  • (100 Chips) for suggesting something that we decide to include in Lucky God Casino
  • (various amounts) for winning in any of our Casino Games

Casino Medals

Hairplug4men 1st LGC Champ
Preachy Lopnor 2nd LGC Champ

It has been suggested by God Deprivus, one of our "Honored Guests" that we create a series of "Medals". This would give our players an objective to accomplish, instead of just collecting a pile of chips. So here it is:

At the player's option, he/she can choose to purchase a Medal with the chips that they've won. The Medals have to be purchased in order. So the first Medal available is the "Cheater's Medal" and the ultimate goal is the "Lucky God Casino Champion" Medal! The following table lists the 10 Medals to compete for and the cost of each.

Note: In the unlikely event that you wish to "sell back" any Medal, we will buy it back for 75% of the original cost.

Medal Chips Cost
Lucky God Casino Champion 1000
High Roller 900
Gambling Instructor 800
Professional 700
Serious Gambler 600
Weekend Gambler 500
Street Gambler 400
Gambling Novice 300
Dumb Luck 200
Cheater's Medal 100

God Hairplug4Men is our first "Lucky God Casino Champion"!

God Preachy Lopnor is our second "Lucky God Casino Champion"!

Thank you Deprivus for your suggestion! You've earned 25 LGC Chips!

New Tier System

  • Players will reach Bronze , Silver , and Gold Status (each with its own set of benefits).
  • Each Tier has the same five steps:
    • bet on two games during a week,
    • bet on all three games within a week (within the respective deadlines),
    • place a bet for 50 chips or more on a single game,
    • bet at least 100 chips on a single game,
    • recruit a new gambler ((May be completed in any order)).
  • Gamblers will be responsible for tracking the stages and let Hephaestus Vulcan know here in the forum so he can verify the completion.
  • Gamblers may complete up to 3 stages in one week.
Gold Status members will gain access to card shark! and enjoy one forgiven bet on Monster Wheel: we’ll drop the lowest non-winning bet in that game for you. Also, free shots on WRR for you!

Total Chips held by our Players

God(dess) Guild Chips Highest Medal Tier
God Bellatrixie The Strange Harvest Moon 2320 LGC Champion Na
God Divine Porcupine Goon Squad 625
God Friedrich-Nietzche The Forsakens Lament 220 Na
God Guvvygamer Open Bar 105 Na
God Hephaestus Vulcan Lucky God Casino 85 Gambling Novice Na
God I Am Not The One The Proud Freak Nation 25 Na
God InfiniteCircle Guild Name 556 Cheater's Medal
God Jimbob64 Asylum 1648 & a liver treat Professional
God Jobob sanders Lucky God Casino 50 Na
God Meklord Gaussbusters 130 Na
God MrSlender Wandering Wondering Weirdos Wildlife and Preserve 30 Na
God Never More Silver Raven Piracy Guild 419 Weekend Gambler Na
God No Dice Open Bar 25 Na
God Ravenvalykre Ankh-Morpork City Watch 24 Na
God Talissa Lucky God Casino 150 Na
God The Only Good God E.I.S. Eternal 3056 Na
God The Sock Harvest Moon 82 Na
God The m1ghty The Ideaboxers Union 126 Na
God Wyrmdad X2 Lucky God Casino 101 Na
God Wander Fall The Forsakens Lament 52 Na
God Corvus Silver Museum of Godville 25 Na
God Holy Spirit of Hell The Ideaboxers Union 232 Na
God Master of Divines 8 GWJ 85 Na

IF not listed here, you might be listed in our complete list of gods who have chips at Lucky God Casino but have not posted in the last month. Check here

Regular Bets

Members of other guilds granted FREE Hero Daycare for their continued loyalty

God(dess) Monster Wheel White Russian Roulette Fuzzy Dice Number Please
God Aaro Ardent 5 x A/H . 1 on 3,5 and 7 on 1,11 .
God Aeklipsp 100 x A/H, 30 x B/W, 10 x S/K, 5 x P/D, 2 x Logo, 2 x Admin . . .
God Almighty WI-FI . 1,5,2,4,3 1 on 7,8,9,10,11,12 .
God Amanda83 . 3,1,5,6,2 . .
God Ania Windrunner 20 x B/W, 20 x Logo, 20 x Admin, 15 x P/D, 15 x T/H 2,5,3,1,6 2 on 2, 5, 8 and 3 on 3, 6, 9 2 on 759 118 962 and 572
God Anonymouse 1 x Admin, 1 x Logo, 1 x P/D, 5 x A/H . . .
God Ares-13 5 x A/H, 3 x T/H, 4 x S/K, 1 P/D, 1 x Admin . 3 on 4,5,6,7,8,9 .
God Bellatrixie . . 5 on 2,4,10,11 and 10 on 7,8,9 .
God Basileus . 6,2,5,4,1 2 on 11,8,7,4 .
God Ceccetticat 20 x A/H, 12 x B/W, 6 x S/K, 2 x P/D . 2 on 5,6,7 .
God Dalekdalton 20 x A/H, 7 x B/W, 7 x S/K . . .
God Deprivus 10 x Each monster? . . .
God Divine Porcupine . . 3 x 4,10; 4 x 5,9; 5 x 6,8; 6 x 7 .
God Elementarion . 2,4,6,3,5 1 on 2,3,4,5,6,7 .
God Epona Dernhelm 3 x S/K, 3 x T/H, 1 x Admin, 1 x Logo 1,2,3,4,5 3 on 6,8,9 191, 309, 407, 919
God GodOfBeer 5 x Logo, 5 x Admin, 10x P/D, 20 x T/H, 30 x S/K 6 3 4 1 5 (3x 2)(9x 4)(15x 6,8)(20x 7)(12x 9)(6x 11) 043, 137, 258, 376, 404, 514, 683, 729, 811, 921
God Hairplug4men 10 x A/H, 5 x B/W *Free Shots 6,1,5,2,4 2 on 5,6,7,8,9 .
God InfiniteCircle . . 10 each on 6, 7 and 8. .
God Iduna 3 x B/W, 1 x Admin, 1 x A/H, 5 x P/D, 1 x Logo 5,4,3,2,1 3 on 8, 12 119, 459, 724, 916
God Inspirationial 3x A/H, 3x B/W, 3x Logo, 3x Admin 2,5,4,1,6 2x 2,3,7,11,12 .
God Invisible Friend . 4,3,5,2,6 . .
God Jarlbank 3 x Admin, 3 x Logo 1,2,3,4,5,(6) 3 on 2,12 .
God JimBob 1 x logo, 1 x admin, 11 x A/H, 7 x B/W, 1 x P/D . 5 x 4,5,6,9,10 .
God Kaam Dev 5 x each slot . 5 x 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12 .
God King Jared 10 x A/H, 2 x T/H, 1 x P/D, 1 x Admin, 1 x Logo . 20 2,3,4,5,9,10,11,12 .
God King of Pop . 4 2 1 6 3 . .
God Korrigan 5 x each? . . .
God Little Ghost 50 x A/H, 50 x T/H . . .
God Natural Blonde Chick . . 5 on 5,6,7 .
God Never More 5 x A/H, 5 x B/W, 1 x Admin, 1 x Logo . 1 on 2,12. 2 on 7 and 3 on 6,8 .
God Phraea 10 x A/H, 6 x B/W, 2 x Logo, 2 x Admin 6,3,4,2,1 (4x 2,3,5,7,9,11,12) .
God Preachy Lopnor 50 x A/H, 25 x S/K, 15 x T/H, 10 x P/D, 5 x Logo, 5 x Admin (free shots: CHAMPION)6,4,2,1,3 5 on 2,3,11,12 and 10 on 6,7,8 046, 155, 266, 355, 478, 521, 644, 777, 849, 982
God Queen Ant 15 x A/H, 15 x B/W, 10 x ADM, 10 x LOGO 1,3,5,2,4 10 x 2,3,4,10,11,12 .
God Rainddropstop 12 x A/H, 8 x Admin, 6 x B/W, 2 x S/K, 1 x P/D . 5 on 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12 .
God Ravenvalykre 2 x Logo, G/A, A/H . 5 on 4, 8 .
God Robert V W IV 3 x Logo, 5 x S/K, 5 x B/W, 2 x Admin 1,6,2,4,3 3 on 6,8 2 on 3,4 1 on 2 .
God Rodrigo Augustus 70x A/H, 20x B/W, 20x T/H, 20x P/D, 20x S/K, 20x Admin 5,2,1,3,6 20x 2,5,6,7,8,9,12 077, 129, 247, 383, 453, 569, 647, 732, 898, 976
God Rossi Evreux . . (1x 2,3,11,12) (3x 6,7,8) .
God Royal Highness 18 x A/H, 10 x B/W, 5 x S/K, 5 x T/H, 2 x ADM, 2 x Logo . . .
God Saelweng . 5,3,1,2,4 2 on 2,7,8,10 079 289 118 426 390 and 735
God SMACN . 1 5 2 4 3 . .
God Sniper404 10 x A/H, 8 x B/W, 5 x S/K, 4 x T/H, 3 x P/D, 2 x Admin, 2 x Logo 1 2 3 4 5 (3x 2,12) (4x 3,11) (12x 6,7,8) 110, 210, 290, 380, 460, 580, 650, 730, 850, 920
God Taquitos 20 x A/H, 16 x B/W 1,2,3,4,5 20 on 5,6,7,8,9 .
God The Ant 5 x P/D, 5 x S/K, 10 x Logo, 10 x Admin 6,5,4,3,2 (1) . .
God The Big Guy Upstairs 20 x S/K, 10 x T/H, 11 x P/D,15 x Admin, 10 x Logo, if Admin hits, donate 10chps to GV Bobblehead Admin Fund 2,4,5,1,3 (5 on 2,13) (15 on 5,6,7,8,9) 012,099,125,345,404,530,678,706,727,911
God The m1ghty 5x T/H, 2x G/A 6, 5, 3, 2, 1 5 on 2, 11; 10 on 6 .
God The Only Good God 355x A/H . . 064, 255, 159, 676, 315, 593, 456, 752, 822, 909
God Unlucky Dealer 5 x A/H, 3 x B/W, 1 x Logo, 1 x Admin 1,3,5,2,6 1 on 2,3,11,12 and 3 on 6,7,8 .
God Wolf Spirit 20 x B/W 4,5,2,1,6 5 on 5,6,7,8,9 .
God Wyrmdad X2 5 x A/H; 2 x S/K, P/D; 1 x G/A 3,1,5,4,6 5 on 6, 9; 1 on 2, 12 .

Lucky God Casino Games

Cut the Card, Shark!

Game Summary (ONLY FOR VIP GOLD TIER MEMBERS) Cut the Card, Shark is a fun game where our dealer will cut a standard deck of cards (including the two jokers). Gamblers may place bets on the color, the suit, and/or the card's value. ***NOTE: Only one bet in each category***

How to Play Cut the Card, Shark Gamblers place bets before the deck is cut and the card is shown to all. Bets may include different categories, but only one from each category (I.e.: one suit, one value, and one one color) and one numeric value (i.e.: 10 chips).

  • Note*: Betting red limits the suit bet to either hearts or diamonds and betting black limits your suit bet to clubs or spades

((Example bet: 10 chips on BLACK/CLUBS/KING.... card drawn: RED/DIAMONDS/KING... payout: 80 chips-30 chips bet=50 chips) Better may gamble on one, two, or three categories but must bet the same amount for each.

Chips will be paid based on probability.

Cut the Card, Shark Payouts

  1. Red (1-26) pays 2/1
  2. Black (27-52)pays 2/1
  1. Hearts (1-13) pays 4/1
  2. Diamonds (14-26)pays 4/1
  3. Clubs (27-39)pays 4/1
  4. Spades (40-52)pays 4/1
  1. Face Card (A, J, Q, K) pays 8/1
  2. Jokers (53, 54) pays 27/1
    1. Ace 1, 14, 27, 40
    2. Jack 11, 24, 37, 50
    3. Queen 12, 25, 38, 51
    4. King 13, 26, 39, 52

Actual method of determining winner A number will be generated from between 1 and 54. The card will then be "shown" to gamblers: with the dealer revealing the value, suit, and color. Wins will be calculated and chips updated

Fuzzy Dice

Game Summary

Cute, Furry, Fuzzy Dice

This game called the Fuzzy Dice is a game anyone can play.

How to play Fuzzy Dice

Playing Fuzzy Dice is very simple and requires no skill. Just place your bet before the the dice are thrown, specifying what you believe the total will be when the dice land. When all bets are placed, one of our lucky players (randomly picked) will throw 2 dice. These over-sized, cute and fuzzy dice are normal in the respect that they each have 6 sides and each side is marked with a number between 1 and 6.

The Fuzzy Dice are thrown and eventually settle on the table revealing 1 number (1-6) on each die. The sum total of the two Fuzzy Dice determines the payoff amount.

Below are the possible totals of the Fuzzy Dice and the payoffs of each. Note: You can bet on up to 7 different numbers and the maximum bet per number is 20 Chips.

Fuzzy Dice Totals and Payoffs

  • If the Total is 2 then you are paid 36x your bet
  • If the Total is 3 then you are paid 18x your bet
  • If the Total is 4 then you are paid 12x your bet
  • If the Total is 5 then you are paid 9x your bet
  • If the Total is 6 then you are paid 7x your bet
  • If the Total is 7 then you are paid 6x your bet
  • If the Total is 8 then you are paid 7x your bet
  • If the Total is 9 then you are paid 9x your bet
  • If the Total is 10 then you are paid 12x your bet
  • If the Total is 11 then you are paid 18x your bet
  • If the Total is 12 then you are paid 36x your bet
  • Note:* Ark owners will receive a free bet on FD, I.e., the lowest losing bet will be dropped.

Actual Method of Determining the Winner[3]

Page Raffle

Game Summary

Post in our forum to be entered!!

This game called Page Raffle isn't actually a game at all. It is a raffle hosted by the dealer that is drawn whenever the Lucky God Casino Forum begins a new page.

How to play Page Raffle

Participating in the Page Raffle is the simplest game of all to play and requires no skill. Just make at least one post in our forum. Shortly after a new page is created in the forum, we will hold a raffle in which all who had a voice on the previous forum page has a chance to win.

Page Raffle Odds and Payoffs

The actual odds of the Page Raffle will vary, based on the number of different voices on the previous forum page. However, all Gods with a voice on the previous forum page will have the same odds, regardless of the number of actual posts the God made. The payoff of the Page Raffle will normally be 25 Chips, however we may have a different payoff for various occasions.

Actual Method of Determining the Winner[4]

Monster Wheel

Game Summary

Monster Wheel (drawing by God Spode Thank you Spode!)

This game called the Monster Wheel is played on a vertical rotary large wheel with a fixed indicator/pointer on the edge.

The wheel has 54 slots/sections representing seven monsters. The object of the game is to guess in which monster on the Monster Wheel the indicator will point to when the wheel stops following the spin.

How to play the Monster Wheel

Playing the Monster Wheel is very simple and requires no skill. Just place your bet before the Monster Wheel is spun, specifying which monster you believe the indicator will be pointed at when the wheel stops. When all bets are placed, the dealer grabs one side of the wheel and spins the wheel with a strong pull and push downward action.

The Monster Wheel then makes a few turns and slowly grinds to a stop. The monster the indicator points to when the wheel stops is the winning monster and determines the payoff amount.

Below are the number of slots and the payoffs of each monster on the Monster Wheel.

Monster Wheel Slots and Payoffs

Actual Method of Determining the Winner[5]

White Russian Roulette

Game Summary

White Russian Roulette

This is another simple game, albeit intoxicating. The object is to successfully drink 5 out of 6 shots of the casino's specialty cocktail - the White Russian. The catch?... 1 of the 6 shots contain a substance known only to God The Almighty Bob, which will immediately knock out even the strongest of Gods. Only the server knows which shot he put the substance in.

How to Play Just place your order for the "White Russian Roulette" (WRR), place 10 chips on the table (this covers the cost of the alcohol) and tell us in which order you will drink your 5 shots. eg. "i will drink in this order: #6,#3, #1, #2 and #4" Upon your waking from the floor, we will inform you which drink it was that put you there and how many chips you won.

Rules and Payouts

  1. There is a 10 chip charge to play
  2. You must attempt to drink 5 of the 6 shots
  3. If you successfully drink all 5 shots (without falling down), the charge will be refunded

Payouts are determined according to successful drinks (meaning that you are still standing after the drink):

  1. Wins 10 chips
  2. Wins 20 chips
  3. Wins 30 chips
  4. Wins 40 chips
  5. Wins 50 chips and the charge will be refunded!

Thank you The Almighty Bob for your "recipe", you've been awarded 25 chips!

Actual Method of Determining the Results[6]

Number Please

Game Summary

Guess the Extension Number!

“Number Please…”. The idea is simple…..a random 3-digit extention number will be chosen and your task is to guess it, or at least be the closest to it to win chips. For every positive town influence posted in the forum, a chance is given to that god for a guess at the mystery number. The wonderful thing about this game is that it doesn’t require you to spend chips, unless of course you are from a guild other than LGC, in which case you would be asked to pay one chip per guess. At the end of the game, whoever is closest will win 50 chips…and…if a god guesses the number exactly…...that’s worth 500 chips.

  • The extension numbers between 000 & 999 are all valid choices.
  • In the event that more than one god chooses the winning extension, the pot will be divided as evenly as possibly between them.

The Operator of the casino calls the games as often as she can in our forum. They are not on any specific days of the week so be sure to visit the forum often and look for her to ask "NUMBER PLEASE......?"

Our Members

The Grand Gaming Hall, where most of the games are played

Casino Founders


Casino Staff Members

''Current Guild Master''

  2. Dealer: Fuzzy Dice (FRIDAY)
  3. Dealer: Page Raffle
  4. Casino Guest Services
  5. FD USUAL still out to lunch on regulars
  6. WRR USUAL: ditto
  1. Dealer: Monster Wheel (MONDAY)
  2. Dealer: Fuzzy Dice (FRIDAY)
  3. Dealer: Page Raffle
  1. Dealer: On Call / Fill-in
  3. Dealer: Fuzzy Dice (FRIDAY)

VIP Members

Active guildmembers If you feel that your name should be added to this list, please post in in our forum.


LGC New.gif

A Visit To LGC, by:

The Big Guy Upstairs
"A Visit To LGC", Photos by God The Big Guy Upstairs

Gallery of the Highly Coveted LUCKY GOD CASINO ♠ Gambling Awards

LGC New.gif

LGC Gambling Awards

designed by:

The Big Guy Upstairs ...more to come !

LGC Gambling Awards
Cheater's Medal - 100 chips  
Dumb Luck - 200 chips  
Gambling Novice - 300 chips  
Street Gambler - 400 chips  
Weekend Gambler - 500 chips  
Serious Gambler - 600 chips  
Professional - 700 chips  
Gambling Instructor - 800 chips  
High Roller - 900 chips  
LGC Champion - 1000 chips  



  1. Hey Lord Foul – Good luck in starting a new guild! You are welcome to reference us and copy that section. Guild Name works for the good (or even just the hilarity) of all guilds in the game. signed God Epoch
  2. subject to approval and agreement of staff rules and regulations
  3. Actual Method of Determining the "Fuzzy Dice" Winner: The dealer hosting the game generates two random numbers between 1 and 6 from, an external third party with no interest in Godville. The sum of the two numbers generated signifies the winning Total. Note: The dealer cannot make any bets in any game he/she hosts and is bound by honor to play fairly.
  4. Actual Method of Determining the "Page Raffle" Winner: Near the beginning of each forum page, the dealer hosting the Page Raffle will count the number of different voices on the previous page and generate a random number from, an external third party with no interest in Godville. This number will determine the winner of the Page Raffle. Note: The dealer hosting the Page Raffle can also be a participant in the raffle (if he/she had a voice on the previous page), but is bound by honor to play fairly.
  5. Actual Method of Determining the "Monster Wheel" Winner: The dealer hosting the game generates a random number between 1 and 54 from, an external third party with no interest in Godville. The number generated signifies the winner, where:
    • 1-24 = Antihero
    • 25-39 = Biowolf
    • 40-46 = Silent Knight
    • 47-50 = Trojan Horse
    • 51-52 = Panzer Dragon
    • 53 = Godville Administrator
    • 54 = Lucky God Casino Logo
    Note: The dealer cannot make any bets in any game he/she hosts and is bound by honor to play fairly.
  6. Actual Method of Determining the "White Russian Roulette" Results: The dealer hosting the game generates a random number between 1 and 6 from, an external third party with no interest in Godville. The number generated signifies which shot contains the magical substance. Note: The dealer cannot make any bets in any game he/she hosts and is bound by honor to play fairly.

Gambling Problem?

In Godville, problem gambling affects more than 20 Gods. More than 3 of these (but we're not naming names) are considered severe problem gamblers, otherwise known as gambling addicts or pathological gamblers. Problem gambling can strain your relationship with your hero(ine), interfere with responsibilities at your guildhall, and lead to your hero(ine) having a major catastrophe. It may even lead you to do things you never thought possible, like stealing chips from the God next to you or striking down an entire city with your lightning bolts. You may think you can’t stop, but problem gambling and gambling addiction are treatable.

"The Rejects" guildmembers have agreed to listen to your excuses and provide you with somewhat adequate counselling or at least "chat with you over a very large barrel of beer". So, if you’re ready to admit you have a problem and seek help, visit The Rejects here.

You can overcome your gambling problem and return to the Lucky God Casino!