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Monsters of Godville
Lounge Lizard
Lacerta otiosum
Class Amphibian
Habitat Under couch pillows
Description Unknown

The Lounge Lizard (Lacerta otiosum) is a monster.

This lazy lizard lives in the cozy caverns of Moss Grotto, a place known for its perfectly rectangular sheets of blanket-like moss. It has a serious sweet tooth for candy and may be bribed into letting the hero go. They were created a long time ago when the first hero appeared. Legend states that the god was bored, so he foolishly created Couch potatoes by making a potato alive and tying it to a sofa and keeping it there for a month with the telly on. Then he bred an ordinary lizard with his Couch potato and tada! out popped a lounge lizard.



  • Ability to hypnotise unwary heroes
  • Can turn into any cartoon/film/TV character (has a thing for baddies)
  • Can summon up anything from a TV
  • Deadly in packs


  • Sweet tooth for candy
  • May be bribed with videos of its favourite tv programme (detective potato)
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