Lost Action Hero

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Monsters of Godville
Lost Action Hero
Class Human
Habitat Unknown
Description An action hero who got lost and is still lost

The Lost Action Hero is a specific breed of action hero.

Regular Action Heroes are known for their recklessness, excellent fighting skills and the ability to walk away from explosions with sunglasses spontaneously manifesting on their faces. They also have a large amount of fighting experience, both in individual fights and group fights, from their own adventures. Lost Action Heroes have all this, but lack maps, compasses, and any sense of direction.

This lack of direction has led to them straying onto the wrong path, not just literally, but also in life. Now they are willing to fight anyone coming into their sights, still thinking that anyone they encounter is a low-level minion to be defeated.



  • The ability to throw punches like no other
  • Weapon versatility
  • Spontaneous explosion manifestation, complete with sunglasses


  • The specific combination of cigarettes and sunglasses — the idea of looking cool is enough to tempt them away from a fight
  • Being pointed in another direction — they want to get somewhere, after all, even though they don't know where that is