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Motto: Just for lulz
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: ~25,000 c.u.
Date Founded: day 1672 g.e.
Membership Count: ~60
Guild Page: Lm 

A long time ago, in a Godville far, far away, Ilas, the leader of lm, finally completed his Ark. He was the first sailor in the guild, and so began the celebrations.

The gods (and their heroes) drank for three days aboard the ark, as opposed to everywhere else, and spilled enough beer aboard the Ark to get it drunk. When the festivities ended and almost all had returned to their homes, villages or assorted adventures, two drunk and untamed gods found themselves on a drunk and untamed Ark (along with their sober and miserable heroes). After some time, they realized this fact and decided that it was time to come ashore. Unfortunately, they'd failed to realize that the Ark had untethered itself and had drifted some distance away from the shore. The shore wasn't invited to the party and, feeling itself trampled on, boldy refused any requests of coming any closer to the Ark.

Since the problem couldn't be fixed with more drinking, the motley crew had to take the helm.

It only took four attempts for the heroes (under instruction from their gods) to turn the Ark in the correct direction - and even sail in it!

As they sailed perfect circles in close proximity of the shore, they had forgotten both their destinations and their own names several times over, so the soft thump of the ark against the shore came as a startling surprise.

After confirming that the shore had forgiven them and promising to invite it next time, the heroes fell overboard into its welcoming arms and set off home after confirming that they had each broken at least three bones.

From then on, however, the day got interesting. Firstly, they discovered that everybody else had been struck down by the Aura of confusion.

To be honest, our heroes - meaning our gods, of course! - didn't even notice this at first, hearing all the words that were laid on them while being utterly unable to string them into sentences; the city they hard departed from was unrecognizable!

The heroes could have sworn that the docks were on the other side of the main server when they'd left. Also, they couldn't find the road to the guild hall, however many times they looked. In fact, they couldn't find any trace of the guild altogether!

Unable to reach any of the (probably already sober) members that had departed previously, they decided to pay the temples a visit.

Alas, fate had denied them once more! They could not spot a single temple that they recognised. Even if the whole of Godville had planned this without alerting the heroes' keen social senses and moved all of the temples, shops and docks from their usual places, there must be something familiar to the two heroes that their clumsy guildmates had missed, right?

That something happened to be the guild "seven winds home", but it was filled entirely with unfamiliar gods and godesses, and there were ten times less of them than usual…

There were also a variety of "Dragons" - all without a familiar face!

Slightly worried, the gods turned to the NPCs. To their shock horror, they discovered that no Aura of confusion had been cast…

Panicking, the heroes (and their gracefully calm Gods) hightailed it towards the Ark in the hopes of sailing away from this strange place. However, the NPC at the dock refused to return the Ark, spouting nonsense about an incompatibility between versions, passively ignoring the lightning bolts the vexed gods were hurling towards him. Eventually the Ark was towed away to a place unknown, and the heroes (and gods), who now lacked the ability to flee return, were forced to settle down instead. Thus, "lm" was formed anew - from two gods, no less. Gradually, they began to like their new surroundings. Later, the pair discovered that the guild halls of the two Godvilles were magically linked, and began recruiting their "other" guildmates to brave their brand new world…

But that's a whole other story.

Their pets, taken from the old Godville, vanished. When caught and "thoroughly questioned", the Godville Administrator suggested that, sensing a lack of firmness within their masters, the pets had simply fled. That meant that somewhere out there, Cannes Lion and Chthonic Shushpanchic wander aimlessly, adorned with their worn collars. If one was fortunate enough to catch one, there's a chance that the beasts would transport them to Godville - a different Godville, one with an Aura of Confusion…