Litter Bug

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Monsters of Godville
Litter Bug
Class Garbage
Habitat Sidewalks & Roadways
Description One man's trash is another hero's monster

The litterbug is a relatively small, hard-shelled, four-legged scuttling creature which has a nasty habit of leaving things behind it wherever it goes. These things are generally small, smelly, and worthless. The items litterbugs leave behind them range greatly based on their size - baby litterbugs only leave behind small pieces of trash, like old newspapers, broken lightbulbs, and similar objects, whereas larger litterbugs have been known to drop behind them items like old, half-rotten sofas, derelict antique furniture, or even other dead monsters.

Litterbugs are able to carry up to ten times its own weight and are able to fly despite having wings too tiny to see with the naked eye. Scientists have tried to discover the secrets of the litterbug, but to no avail.



  • repulsive smell
  • extremely strong; can carry tons of weight
  • strong outer shell


  • can be easily tracked by its unique trail
  • may have numerous past-due fines
  • will die immediately once properly discarded
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