Like-a-Boss Monster

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Monsters of Godville
Like-a-Boss Monster
Class Humanoid
Habitat The abandoned lairs of vanquished Boss-monsters
Description A monster that is almost like a Boss-monster, but not quite.

Proud and jealous, the Like-a-boss Monster is a monster that has deep pockets and insight.

It tends to land attacks below the belt and inhabits areas with a strong population of gullible tools. Its main weaknesses include sexual advertisements and crowds of drunk men; at which point its focus falters lending to mob mentality. Heroes will frequently find a Like-a-boss Monster in the attendance of a bandwagon.



  • Almost as strong as a Boss-monster.
  • Lesser monsters respect it and follow its every order, almost as if it were their boss.


  • Doesn't quite have the strength of a full-blown Boss-monster.
  • Craftier heroes have gotten the hang of tricking the Like-a-Boss Monster into doubting its own bosshood. This launches it into a full-scale existential crisis, at which point even the dumbest of heroes can defeat it easily.