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A hero's level is a measure of how powerful they have become. A hero can increase their current level by gaining Experience. Upon levelling up your hero is not required to return to Godville to update the authorities of this development and may continue adventuring at their own pace, however slowly that may be. Certain parts of gameplay are available once a certain level has been achieved.

Level Progression

Table: The Hero(ine)
Level Health Inventory Skills Features unlocked
1st 100 7 Godville
2nd +4 +1
3rd +4 Submissions to the Ideabox with basic sections
4th +4 +1
5th +4 Godpower Accumulator; every level now grants a charge
6th +4 +1
7th +4 Hero’s motto and sparring fights
8th +4 +1
9th +4
10th +4 +1 The Arena; submissions in more ideabox sections
11th +4
12th +4 +1 Guilds and the ability to vote for chronicles
13th +4
14th +4 +1 Personal history graphs (progress and rankings)
15th +4 1 Skills; edit the GodWiki; voting in the ideabox
16th +4 +1
17th +4
18th +4 +1 +1 Ability to tame a pet
19th +4
20th +4 +1 All Ideabox sections available
21st +4 +1
22nd +4 +1
23rd +4
24th +4 +1 +1
25th +4 Can now do side jobs
26th +4 +1
27th +4 +1
28th +4 +1
29th +4
30th +4 +1 +1 Buy up to 3 healing artifacts
31st +4
32nd +4 +1
33rd +4 +1
34th +4 +1
35th +4
36th +4 +1 +1
37th +4
38th +4 +1
39th +4 +1
40th +4 +1
41st +4
42nd +4 +1 +1 Maximum number of skills reached (10 skills)
43rd-49th +4 +1 every even
50th +4 +1 Buy up to 4 healing artifacts (maximum)
51st-85th +4 +1 every even
86th +4 +1 Maximum inventory size reached (50 items)
87th-∞ +4
Hero and Heroine

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per level

Hit Points at 1st Level: 100 + your Constitution modifier

Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 4) + your Constitution modifier per hero level after 1st.


Armor: Head, body, arm, leg, shields

Weapons: Simple weapons

Tools: Talismans, activatable artifacts

Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution


Skills at 1st Level: None

Skills at Higher Levels: 1 skill gained at 15th level from one of combat, trade, transportation, and +1 skill at every 3rd level after 15th to a maximum of 10 skills at 42nd


Inventory at 1st Level: 7 items carried

Inventory at Higher Levels: +1 items carried every even level to a maximum of 50 items at 86th


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

Class Features

As a hero or heroine, you and your Deity gain the following class features.

Drunkard: At 1st level, a hero or heroine will drink a tankard of ale or strong alcohol at every opportunity.

Healing artifacts: At 1st level, a hero or heroine will begin buying up to 2 healing items from traders. At 30th, this becomes up to 3 items, and at 50th, this becomes up to 4.

Chronicles: At 1st level, a hero or heroine is able to begin writing their chronicles. At 12th level, their Deity may vote on the chronicles of others.

Ideabox: At 3rd level, a Deity gains the ability to submit ideas and suggestions for the game. More categories are gained at 10th, voting on the ideas of others is gained at 15th, and the Ideabox is fully unlocked at 20th.

Godpower Accumulator: At 5th level, a Deity gains the ability to store Godpower charges for later use. At 5th and every level after 5th, an accumulator charge is granted at each level.

Duelling: At 7th level, a hero or heroine gains the ability to practice sparring with their friends. At 10th level, they gain full access to the arena.

Motto: At 7th level, a hero or heroine gains a motto.

Guilds: At 12th level, a hero or heroine will be able to join and found guilds.

Godwiki: At 15th level, a Deity will be able to contribute to the Godwiki.

Pets: At 18th level, a hero or heroine will be able to tame a pet.

Side Jobs: At 25th level, a hero or heroine can start to take on side jobs for a lil' somethin' extra on the side.

Levelling Up

When levelling up, a hero or heroine will do so without assistance from their Deity. A notification is sent to the Deity's device, and an entry will appear in the Third Eye, if unlocked. As an added bonus, his or her health is fully restored, the Deity's Godpower is refilled to 100%, and one accumulator charge is granted to the Deity, as well as advantages noted above. They also gain access to higher level weapons and armor. As a hero or heroine's level increases, so does their ranking in the Pantheon of Might.

The higher the hero's level, the more experience is needed to reach the next one. This is why growth is fast at first but then becomes increasingly slow.

Examples from the diary

!Hero's Diary
6:44 PM I've grown slightly bigger as I hit level 24. More of me to love, Almighty!
!Hero's Diary
11:16 AM Harder, better, faster, stronger... I'm level 4 and I'm loving every minute of it!