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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Level Boss
Dominus Planum
Class Gigantoid
Habitat The far right side of the screen, keep scrolling
Description A large monster with a big health bar
Boss Type Mini-Quest

The Level Boss (Dominus Planum) is a boss-monster that may be encountered at the end of the mini-quest "Find a level boss and defeat it".


When encountered, the fight will turn into a duel.

Note that the Level Boss is a bad boy. He's a big boy. You will need the big guns for this one.

See? Big, big guns...

Picture taken five seconds before disaster
!Hero's Diary
18:42 Notes from the battlefield: The Level Boss was triumphantly defeated! I've got more experience and looted some gold, but it's time to return to my heroic deeds.


Known loot from defeating a Level Boss:



  • Big guns, very big
  • Big nasty teeth, very big, oh, and sharp too
  • Laser range-finder - does not tend to miss a shot


  • Tickling - for all that he is a big boy, the Level Boss can be tickled to death, if you can just get close enough...
  • Mirrored armor - defeats the laser range finder. Trouble is most Heroes dress in the shabbiest of cloth
  • Prone to tripping over its own huge Hero-stomping feet

Mini-Quest Progression (Artifact Award)

  1. Locate a hive of scum and villainy (Dirty money)
  2. Don’t panic (Don’t Panic T-Shirt) (this one is sometimes skipped)
  3. Find a level boss and defeat it

Field Notes

Our agents in the field inform us that only that man has ever totally defeated Level Boss.
When our agent asked of his tactics, the only reply was : "Damn, I'm looking good."
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