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The lemon lads are a quiet guild (until they've had a few too many beers) based just outside Beerburgh. They are masters at corona lemon slicing and have fought for the great lemony war waaaaay back.

FilthyLemon had been running the 1 man guild for a while now, but recently KilliadMidori had shown up on the doorstep because he saw the sign while taking a piss off the bridge. He asked "can I join this guild" only to be answered with a question "do you have a bag of lemons?" KilliadMidori saw a lemon tree and quickly bagged the whole harvest, and that's how KilliadMidori became the 2nd member of the Lemon Lads.

If you want to join this guild make sure you have a bag of lemons, because remember life only gave me limes!

Member's: FilthyLemon, KilliadMidori

Lemon Lads
Motto: There's no lemon tree out there!
Alignment: Lightest
Totem Monster: Lemongod
Gold Fund: 1375 c.u.
Date Founded: 10/03/2015
Town with Greatest Influence: Beerburgh (%)
Guild Page: Lemon Lads 
Data current as of 1/02/2016