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Quests of Godville


Leave this quest incomplete
Difficulty: 5/10


Your hero(ine) will notice a quest in their journal they've recently accepted and suddenly realize they particularly do not enjoy it at all. In an attempt to get out of their responsibilities the hero(ine) will head out at the quest giver's request and wait out the given time to complete it. This can be arduous as quest giver's are relatively patient beings and will only believe the hero(ine) dead after a period of time.

Instruction for Completion

  1. Wait for the obituaries
  2. Cross the quest from your journal
  3. Drowned your guilt with beer
  4. Return to Godville to start a new quest

Estimated Time Frame: 10-15 hours

Tip- Your hero(ine) should run out as far as they can to prevent word of their deeds being broadcasted back to Godville. It is also advised to kill a few monsters to stave off boredom as alcohol can lower inhibitions enough to actually wanting to complete the quest.