League of Adjudicators

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League of Adjudicators
LoA Emblem 275.jpg
Motto: Relaxo, ludus iustus est!
Alignment: Brightest
Gold Fund: 66,720 c.u.
Date Founded: 12 November, 2010
Membership Count: 98
Town with Greatest Influence: Deville (22%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 8
Forum Headquarters: League of Adjudicators
Guild Page: League of Adjudicators 
Data current as of 21 August 2012


The heroes of Godville are the first line of defense against the hordes of monsters that plague this land. The League of Adjudicators was founded to acknowledge that the average hero believes that he or she is uniquely qualified to pass judgement on these pestilential creatures in the form of a righteous smiting.

The guild welcomes heroes of all persuasions. Since "good" and "evil" are after all relative concepts, we think it's best to let heroes determine in what manner they can best annihilate the enemy. Heroes are comfortable in the combined roles of judge, jury and executioner.

Despite the serious nature of their profession, adjudicators are lighthearted and understand that a sober-minded world view may result in a longer life, but a less enjoyable one.


  • Longtime adjudicator GodGretel  has completed her temple. Congratulations, and enjoy your exalted new status!
  • New cardinals are:
  • New hierarchs are:
  • New patriarchs are:
GodAlmighty Wallace 
GodBad Land 
GodSarah The Powerful 
  • New regents are:
  • Congratulations to our silent comrade GodShvr , who opened the doors to his temple!
  • GodFlinger Of Poo  has convinced Queen Emma to suspend her vital research into the airborne deployment of simian excrement in order to collect those final bricks.
  • Congratulations to GodMrmithpeters  for completing his temple!
  • GodThe Octagon  made the paper "Dr Kenneth Noisewater – 52nd-level adventurer, member of the “League of Adjudicators” guild, with the motto “Never knowingly unaware”, stands at the 2nd position in the pantheon of gratitude under the vigilant supervision of the god The Octagon. We’ve had many reports that a Stick Figure has been afraid to make eye contact with him since their last encounter."
  • GodGruntfuttock  made the paper again "The Black Prince – 70th-level adventurer, member of the “League of Adjudicators” guild, with the motto “Catnip to badgers”, stands at the 15th position in the pantheon of might under the vigilant supervision of the god Gruntfuttock. He was known to distribute counterfeit Godville invites during his youth."
  • New cardinals are:
GodKitten Kaboodle 
GodThe Slix 
  • New hierarchs are:
GodFlinger Of Poo 
  • New patriarchs are:
  • New regents are:
  • Congratulations to Messrs GodNexus  and GodLord Ignatz , on achieving the mighty rank of prophet!
  • The final duels of our contest have concluded and the results can be revealed! The winner of the sparring contest is GodCethlenn , who won the final after leaving competitors in the dust in every round. And the Toilet Bowl champion is none other than GodThe Octagon , who prevailed over all challengers to prove he’s the most accomplished loser in LoA!
  • Big congratulations to our longtime comrade GodLynngod }. She’s proven she has a knack for reviving pets by acquiring a well-earned taming medal.
  • GodNexus  made it into the paper - "Mezzrow – 71st-level adventurer, member of the “League of Adjudicators” guild, with the motto “Is est tantum a ludus!”, stands at the 3rd position in the pantheon of gratitude under the vigilant supervision of the god Nexus. She thinks that a Spring Chicken slow roasted in its own juices is one of the finest delicacies that Beerburgh has to offer."
  • GodLHR Bad Karma  has just collected the 1000th brick to finish his temple! Despite his name, he and his hero Lamplighter are dedicated adjudicators and have brought LoA nothing but good karma. Don’t let him tell you differently.
  • Congratulations to GodUKDeeKay , longtime adjudicator and LoA patriarch, who has just completed his temple!
  • Congratulations to GodIjihata , whose hero has just collected the final brick to complete his shiny new edifice!
  • GodCharliechan  made it into the paper = "Noni – 63rd-level adventurer, member of the “League of Adjudicators” guild, with the motto “Can’t touch this.”, stands at the 115th position in the pantheon of templehood under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Charliechan. The heroine has no distinctive features to date; however, she promises to get some before her next appearance."
  • Congratulations to out newest temple owner, GodDivine Aetius  !
  • The voice of GodFlinger Of Poo  echoed round Godville, with this classic. "Found a piece of toast with the words “If you find this toast, don’t eat it. It’s burned.” burned into it. Ate it anyway."

The LoA Sparring Contest

The Rules

  1. Players may choose their opponents in the first round only, if both parties agree. In succeeding rounds, players will be matched randomly until only two remain to fight the final match.
  2. Since sparring fights require that your opponent be in your friend list, make sure they’re already your friend or that one of you can send an invite. Once the matches are announced, you have 5 days to arrange a time between yourselves to fight the duel. If your match hasn’t occurred within that time you must contact GodNexus  to explain the delay. The contest can’t proceed to the next round until all duels from the current one are fought, so a delay affects everyone.
  3. The only godpower allowed is the 50% necessary for one player to issue the challenge. If one contestant used an invite in order to spar, their opponent should send the challenge. Otherwise it's suggested that temple owners and higher-level players in each match send the challenge.
  4. Duels are to be fought strictly afk – no actions or voice commands may be used. The random is the sole determiner of the outcome. Report the results to GodNexus  as soon as the duel has finished, and send the link to the fight chronicle.
  5. Any player who influences their hero will be automatically disqualified. If this occurs, their opponent must report it to GodNexus  and the fight chronicle will be reviewed. If confirmed, the opposing player will be declared the winner of that match.

LoA Sparring Champion

Round winners are in Bold

Round One

  1. Drool vs. Lord Ignatz
  2. The Octagon vs. Nexus
  3. Cethlenn vs. Desphomena
  4. Divine Aetius vs. LHR Bad Karma
  5. Gruntfuttock vs. Finadil
  6. Gutesjahr vs. Gorgeous George
  7. Zayan vs. Flinger Of Poo
  8. Thaelon vs. Gordianus
  9. Monthy vs. A066
  10. Megatron522 vs. Anonymouse
  11. Almighty Wallace vs. Panicroom
  12. B Town vs. TaPz0uT
  13. Bad Land vs. Zaluc
  14. SamSloate vs. Endloop
  15. MamaBear vs. MOOsifer
  16. LHR Temptress 6 vs. DJ MaJOR

Round Two

  1. Gutesjahr vs. Bad Land
  2. Zayan vs. Almighty Wallace
  3. Drool vs. SamSloate
  4. LHR Bad Karma vs. MOOsifer
  5. Gordianus vs. Monthy
  6. Nexus vs. TaPz0ut
  7. Cethlenn vs. Megatron522
  8. Gruntfuttock vs. DJ MaJOR

Round Three

  1. TaPz0uT vs. DJ MaJOR
  2. Monthy vs. Gutesjahr
  3. MOOsifer vs. Cethlenn
  4. SamSloate vs. Almighty Wallace

Semi Final

  1. SamSloate vs. TaPz0uT
  2. Monthy vs. Cethlenn


  1. Cethlenn vs. SamSloate

The Toilet Bowl

Round One

  1. Gorgeous George vs. Anonymouse
  2. Divine Aetius vs. Desphomena
  3. MamaBear vs. The Octagon
  4. B Town vs. Endloop
  5. Lord Ignatz vs. Flinger Of Poo
  6. Panicroom vs. Finadil
  7. Thaelon vs. A066
  8. LHR Temptress 6 vs. Zaluc

Round Two

  1. Divine Aetius vs. The Octagon
  2. Lord Ignatz vs. Endloop
  3. Zaluc vs. Thaelon
  4. Panicroom vs. Anonymouse

Semi Final

  1. Anonymouse vs. Lord Ignatz
  2. The Octagon vs. Zaluc


  1. The Octagon vs. Anonymouse

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