Leader of the Banned

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Leader of the Banned
Interdictum est princeps
Strong Monster
Habitat Music venues (formerly)
Official establishments
Description Unknown

The Leader of the Banned (Interdictum est princeps) is a monster who - as its title suggests, is a leader of all who was banned. Some could connect the monster's role as a Guild Leader, the Monster is highly-ranked among others; such is the brutish force of a strong monster.

Rumors abound of being formerly known as a Leader of the Band, but there are no official records to support this claim. Its interest in music has radically changed to being a revolutionary, gathering other members* to lead a coup d'état against all establishments of Godville that won't accept them back for various reasons.

Should a hero face off with one, the Monster will almost always be alone - perhaps to ruminate about its unreleased discography - and even then would have some difficulty dispatching one, being that they are leaders whom are overconfident in defeating heroes without reinforcements. A god is advised to keep their champion in check - especially if the hero's health is getting low.

*Includes even Antiheroes and Feral Heroes, but excludes actual gods to keep the fights fair



  • Leadership material
  • Knows the name of its (former) Band


  • Asking about its musical career will make short work on its morality and end up on lengthy diatribes
  • Reasoning becomes weaker overtime, thus finding flaws in its leadership become more likely as the fight goes on