Laugh in the face of danger

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Quests of Godville
Laugh in the face of danger

Laugh in the face of danger is a mini-quest.

The quest is the third and final mini-quest in the Wherewolf mini-quest progression, preceeded by Find the entrance to a secret lair and Moon a werewolf.

Laugh in the face of danger requires the hero to complete a serious of highly dangerous tasks while mocking danger herself.

Dangerous tasks the hero must complete are:

  • Remove the tag from a mattress
  • Eat a cup of yogurt after the expiration date
  • Put a dry clean only shirt in the washing machine
  • Reapply sunscreen before the recommend time period
  • Eat dessert first OR breakfast for dinner
  • Go to a sports game and change seats
  • Walk in through the door marked out only
  • Take a bath or shower immediately after eating
  • Apply the top coat of nail polish first
  • Bend or fold an empty piece of mail
  • Tear a coupon out instead of using scissors
  • Stand next to an object which may appear larger in the mirror
  • Squeeze toothpaste out from the top of the tube
  • Assemble an item without reading all the directions first
  • Use an item as prescribed
  • Cross your t's and dot your i's
  • Take more than the recommended dose of Vitamin C
  • Burn a candle at one end
  • Pay it forward

Mini-Quest Progression

  1. Find the entrance to a secret lair‘Secret lair is here’ sign (regular) →
  2. Moon a werewolfCheese moon (bold) →
  3. Laugh in the face of danger – segue to boss →