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Monsters of Godville
Laser Mouse
Lux rodentus
Class Rodent
Habitat The desktops of unsuspecting Heroes
Description A small blob made entirely of lasers.

The Laser Mouse (Lux rodentus) is a monster that, contrary to its name, doesn't really resemble any sort of rodent. As they are incredibly rare, they have not yet been extensively studied by the biologists of Godville. However, legends claim that they are small, mouse-sized blobs made completely out of lasers. The reason why this is possible is simply unknown. They are often found lying in wait on the tops of unaware heroes' desks, waiting for the perfect chance to strike...



  • Often found in groups
  • Larger than the average mouse


  • Water
  • They glow in the dark, making them easy to see at night
  • Can't resist a bite of cheese
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