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Champion of the Goddess: Nephrite-Jadeite
Personality: oblivious good
Gender: female
Level: 15
Motto: 🚮Kimi wa bakadesu!🚮
Guild: Garbage Guild
Guild Rank: chief master
Guild Position: n/a
Wins / Losses: 5/2
Temple Completion Date: n/a
Ark Completion Date: n/a
Pairs Gathered Date: n/a
Retirement Date: n/a
Current Savings: some
Favorite Town: Quirkytown
Largest Ever Gold: ???
Most Hated Monster: Antihero
Personal Rival: herself

As a pork cutlet named heroine, Kontatsu is kinda clueless. She roams the world in hope of adventure and gets just that but she doesn't do it right. The Garbage Guild she belongs to is rather empty. She hopes to make friends and impress her goddess. Maybe it'll all be fine but with her it probably won't. She also realized her name isn't really a pork cutlet. That's a tonkatsu. She's the off brand.