Knight of Balance

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Knight of Balance
Champion of the God: Balance keeper
Personality: Stubborn
Gender: Male
Motto: ☥ Maintain the balance! ✔
Guild: Ankh-Morpork City Watch
Pet Type: lightsaber-toothed tiger
Pet Name: Toto
Favorite Town: Beerburgh
Most Hated Monster: Godvillain
Personal Rival: Balfoot the Brave

Name: Knight of Balance
Age: Approximately 105 years old
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He, him
Species: Sentient statue (see below)
Appearance: Sort of blocky although can be easily mistaken for a human, wears a helmet and plated armour.
Weapons: A very big long sword, occasionally carries a truncheon
Abilities: Is trained in swordfighting and can often intimidate his opponent just by the size of his sword.
Weaknesses: Certain things can turn him into clay and require him to be resculpted such as extreme temperatures, also has a fear of furnaces.
Personality: Stubborn, foolhardy, irritable
Other: Enjoys fighting
Backstory: Upon Balance Keeper turning into a god, Balance Keeper sculpted The Knight out of magic clay
Quote: “Take that back, now.”


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