Killer Rabbit

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Monsters of Godville
Killer Rabbit
Class Rodent
Habitat Caves & Forests
Description Foul, cruel and bad tempered rodent

The Killer rabbits are made to look cute with their long ears, furry bodies, and fuzzy tails which cause heroes to stop taking it seriously. Its innocent exterior is a ploy to lure the hero in closer for the kill.

Despite their cute appearance; they are in fact antagonists and bullies employed as guards because they work cheaply and only need a carrot on a stick for motivation. They enjoy a carnivorous diet using their nasty, big, pointy teeth - all the better to eat you with. The bite of the rabbit can kill a hero in a few seconds. Killer rabbits have been known to slay entire armies and tend to multiply quickly.

When not fighting heroes, killer rabbits have been known to play role-playing games to direct their own heroes by providing either encouragement or punishment with limited degrees of success. Killer rabbits should not be confused with killer hares, as killer hares have fur at birth whereas killer rabbits are covered with tattoos.



  • Always on time
  • Has a vicious streak a mile wide
  • Its deadliness is equal to its cuteness


  • Being late for important dates
  • Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
  • Fake blood
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