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Monsters of Godville
Class Mutated Mammal
Habitat Dungeon areas wth ample mud and without mirrors
Description A warthog affected by toxic waste, making it both even more ugly and extremely intelligence

Killdebeest (Porcious Ultrasuperduperuglius) is a boss-monster. It is one of the few known living beings actually uglier than a wildebeest, and is produced when a warthog falls into a vat of toxic waste. This not only makes it even uglier - if that is possible - but also gives it great intelligence. Its intelligence makes it long to join in the appreciation of high culture - great literature, theatre, chess, museums and the latest scientific research - but its appearance makes it impossible to participate in any of these things, as everyone runs screaming whenever it appears. Full of anger and resentment, it takes out its frustrations on any human that it can find. It typically can cause damage and stun by its appearance alone - a mere glimpse causes severe burning of the eyes - but it follows up these effects with relentless, lightning-fast attacks with tusks and knives.

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