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We are a young guild who follows great ideals. Our motto "Everyone will find a helping hand" indicates what is most important to us, a lively community and the willingness to help. So we stand entirely in the symbol of the turtle, which offers food, but shelter too.

All good guilds have goals that they want to achieve. So we have imposed ourselves on these:

Our first and ultimate goal is to have fun. The second goal is that each of us should learn something in the community. The third one is to give the guild something back in exchange, but only to the extent that you want to.

If you are looking for a growing community and if you want the name of the turtle to become a great legend, just join us!
Guild'sEmblem blue.png
Motto: "Everyone will find a helping hand."
Alignment: peaceful
Leader: GodYoung Jury 
Date Founded: 21st Apr 2017
Membership Count: » 30
Pantheon of unity Rank: 445
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 440
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 48
Pantheon of adventure Rank: 113
Guild Page: Jurgenndoi 
Data current as of 03/06/2018

Become a member of Jurgenndoi guild

Joining our guild is easy, just tell:

  • 'Join "Jurgenndoi" guild'
to receive your guild membership card
  • to join any guild you must be level 12
  • your hero is not idling in town or fighting any monsters
  • the quest itself may take a couple of days

If it does not work at the first attempt, wait in minimum 30 seconds before sending the next command. The hero{|ine} might take it upon himself/herself to start a quest to join another guild. As a god you should not worry. This can be easily stopped by sending the voice command:

  • 'Cancel quest'

And the hero{|ine} will stay in the current guild. In order to get more information you can read here about Guilds.

Want to see some noticible members?

Members and tasks
God/dess Temple Arc Hero{ine} Characterization
Young Juri 05/04/2015 08/08/2016 Piqka founder and patriarch. He came up with almost all ideas himself.
Magistum 06/9/2017 - Mark Mumm chronologist and patriarch. He is responsible for the content. When he does not write, he chases daydreams or keeps talking for hours to his buddy Cupil. Also, he has nothing against a little distraction.
X let 02/25/2018 - Etel patriarch and a gifted Senior Gladiator. Look at all this shiny metal on the shelves...
Spaghetti Noodles 11/26/2017 - Logina this famous member and hierarch found her way into our community and is a great artist, too.
C0r3 - - Jamesthethird hierarch. Do you know the one guy in the group, for whom you would do anything because he is so charming? I agree! He is the splendid member of this guild, and a good fellow. He is certainly a saint.

You want to be mentioned in the table, too? Send your wish to Mark Mumm and his deity Magistum will take care of it.

This is a record of the elections

There have been no elections yet.

Political dignitariesof Guild Jurgenndoi
Date Elected God/dess High-level Rank Mascot
01/22/18 Young Jury hierarch (now: patriarch) Predatortoise

For novices

This is a ZPG (zero-player game), so the heroes{|ines} do all tasks on their own. Gods can, however, lend a hand in different ways:

  • "How do I play this game?"

Note: If you are new to this game I suggest you to take a look at this official FAQ.

  • "Let's begin"

The heroes{|ines} first major goal is to collect 1000 golden bricks to build their god's temple. Once this is done, he/she can begin dungeoning and saving for retirement.

To get golden bricks, the hero{|ine} can get them by completing quests, dueling, fighting bosses or buying them for just 3000 gold coins. There are special artifacts that gods can use or help by melting 3000 coins into a brick - just hit the encourage or punish button on your remote control until it worked.

Yes, gods can send their hero{|ine} into Dungeons. There gods can find helpful Boss-Monster Hints for more information.

  • "Let's continue"

The second major goal is to build an ark. Once the hero{|ine} have done so, he/she can begin sailing.

The "Jurgenndoi" Theme Song

It is not uncommon for the Guild members to follow signs like the following observation:

The "Jurgenndoi" theme song blasted from the heavens over the main square as the farmer's market was showered with confetti in our guild colors. Real subtle publicity there, Exalted One.
— Mark Mumm

The future is now and today, 'cause my god leads the way to glory, money and loot.

The streets are my home, I fight among the Arenas dome and defeat the monsters at its foot.

The Guild Jurgenndoi is all I need to be happy and succeed the task to my gods legend.

The lonely soul, looking for love can come to us like a dove And will find a helping hand.

Author: Magistum (talk) 15:03, 10 August 2017 (UTC)

It is said that the gods personally left these lines in the turtles shell. Nobody knows, why and for what purpose they did that. The guild uses it to create a strictly secret password for guild main entrance.

How it started

Long ago when there were giant tortoises in this part of the world, there existed a giant one that suffered terrible thirst. Near the present city of Godville, on the continent in the world of Godville, it discovered a river. Like today's predatortoise, with which it is related, little is known about their behavior. Anyway. It is considered certain that the turtle visited a tributary of the River Stinks. This tortoise, therefore, had such a great thirst that it did not pay attention to its surround. It got heavily poisoned somehow and so it died. Since, this animal, is known to be very slowly on foot, it died almost exactly at the same place. Fortunately, as noone knows what exactly happened, this is the reason nobody wants to live in this idyllic place to this day.

Close to the town of Godville, a hero under the leadership of the god Young Jury found their remains and converted them into a base in the most modern style. It became the home of the Guild Jurgenndoi in 2017.

Forum of Guild Jurgenndoi

Our forum is one of the best ways members and nonmembers alike can contribute to the guild by simply having fun!

Forum Etiquette

Ok, let's get the rules out of the way first. Everyone (guild member or not) is welcome to post on our forum! Except those of you who decide to make it personal or inappropriate...

That means:

  • Don’t post any derogatory, slighting, or offensive remarks about ANY guilds (even if it’s your own, as all members in your fine guild may not agree with you)
  • Don’t post any derogatory, slighting, or offensive remarks about ANY particular god/hero in the GV community.
  • Try to remember that this is a family game. Not everyone needs or desires to hear foul language or “locker room humor”. So, keep that stuff to yourself.

That's the way to our guild forum.