Jelly Golem

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Monsters of Godville
Jelly Golem
Class Golem
Habitat Food Courts, Marketplaces, Stores
Description Golem made of Jelly

The Jelly Golem is a golem that, as its name suggests, is made of jelly. It stands at about ten feet tall and smells like grapes.

General Information

The jelly golem came to be because a wizard, who just so happened to be addicted to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, became tired of having to go to the marketplace to buy more jelly, since his tower was very far away from town. So, he decided to construct a golem out of his giant supply of jelly and enchant it so that it could endlessly produce jelly for him. Everything seemed to be working according to plan, but the truth is, wizards often tend to overthink things or occasionally be simple-minded.

The golem, having no rational mind of its own, started to rampage throughout the tower. The wizard immediately realized his mistake and, using electricity-based spells, managed to chase the golem out of his tower. Unfortunately, he made yet another mistake - Letting the golem run free. The golem managed to find its way to the closest city to the tower, Godville, where it somehow gained intelligence and began using the incantations its creator used to bring it to life to create more of its kind. Eventually, the entire city of Godville, was swarmed with these grape-flavored brutes, who were aimlessly wandering about the city. Eventually, some heroes found them and decided to eat the golems. But, since the golems were now intelligent, they ran out of the city with a swarm of hungry heroes following them. All but one hundred Jelly Golems were eaten by the heroes. The remaining golems decided to split into three groups. Twenty-five of them became part of Monsterdam's population of 2900, thirty-five became residents of Monstro City, and the other forty-five, including the original, decided to run to tower of the wizard who created the original and take it over.

The Jelly Golems who live in Monsterdam have an unknown fate since their home city is so mysterious, but they have been seen there.

The Jelly Golems who live in Monstro City became very prominent and one became a leading philosopher.

The Jelly Golems who decided to take over the wizard's tower did so with ease. The original became the ruler of said tower, after killing the wizard of course, and made the tower into a safe haven for monsters. The tower is filled with nothing but monsters now and only the bravest monsters dare enter, for even boss monsters will occasionally be known to visit.

Jelly Golems, despite golems typically not being smart, are known for their intelligence, but it is known that their bodies are quite tasty. Especially to heroes. In fact, in many different databases, the hero is considered a natural predator to the Jelly Golem and may eat the golem unless it is bribed by the golem to not eat it in exchange for a free beer.



  • Intelligent
  • Intimidating and large
  • Strong in numbers
  • Excellent at throwing
  • Sometimes knowledgeable in magic


  • Despite size, has fairly weak physical combat skills
  • Slow
  • Edible and tasty
  • Hungry heroes
  • Expiration date
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