Jedi Academy

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Jedi Academy
Motto: There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no death; there is the Force.
Date Founded: 23rd October 2011
Membership Count: 188
Guild Page: Jedi Academy 

The Jedi Academy is a guild created by some of the smartest beings on the planet to train others in the methods of the force. We do not discriminate so everyone is welcome to join us! --

Our potentials, nursery, members, apprentice class, masters, jedi force, and angelic cardinal each echelon are the closest to, the Light Force than any other force throughout the universe. The professors of Jedi Academy all specialize in intergalactic piracy, trade and travel. This isn't a wise Light Force method for peace however, it allows the Jedi Gorilla's to maintain strongholds in sectors that are not overrun with corruption or the Dark Force. We totally orchestrate the order in this universe as well as our parallel universe. Our ranking in the guild tendons has no significance with our ultimate control of light and some dark. Even Darkside Angelic Cardinals. There are rumors that angelic cardinals are in this universe by way of the parallel universe as ultimate Light Bringers or Angels. They are original offspring of Andromeda, Kings Du Bling, Sector 55.EAU, TajReinor Galaxy, and Godville itself. The light force even spoke some what about Cardinal Shavonny's God Boo Rah in the Jedi Manual. There is speculation that Boo Rah is the only creation that can look at itself from the geometric concept. The last covenant of "Gods of Godville" only possesses this power and they have either gone into hiding, stand for tranquility, or move weightless without time in the care of Eternity.

*To better explain Light Force just try to imagine for a second that Light is Love and all that exists. To explain Dark Force (or Darkside) again, imagine that Light is Love and all that exists but, Light is overtaken by shade only to rise again.*

"Even the darkest corners of the universe cannot refuse Light" -boo rah

Founders: Broseidon11, C-Smooth

Members: Aerous, Aintaer, Akunin, AngelOfEther, Angelzprophecy, ArronShirazi, Asdffdsa, Ashby 05, Ashlee22, Avala, Bazeel, Bender god, Betazoid, Bibliosaurus, Black Licorice, Brodyhawk, Broseidon11, C-Smooth, Captainmrgn21, Chardok, Chief Strogan, Chiga99, Corliss Chappell, Daveslain, Dior, DoGlivE, Dr PQ Jazz, Dupa, Erik11, Ewa Kursa, Felixschroeter, ForcesOfFate, Geomatt, Hobzen, Icarian, Ilandria, Jason Bostick, KaraBare31, Katrinka The Divine, Keeper of Ants, Kerberos1011, King Skae, King Spade, Kopykaticus, Kyzer frost, Lathander, Lira, Lord Demon13, Loreilly, Matthew10033130, Meoweo, MummyLu, Naggers, Nimeni, Omen999, Omni-String, Only1vip, Osiris9, Pat Ellinger, Pitter Pat the small, Pogobi, Priestio, Qvgamer, Rant, Raymart, Rosscoe, Rs52fq, Ryok, Sarah2428, Sarcasmo, Shaggy333, Shavonny-angelic cardinal (The Darksideambassador), Sigil1, Slvrlining8, Smitey Whitey, SpectacularCreator, Super Matty, Sylitae, SynNoctis, Terri877, TGene, The Great Flim Flam, The Punisher, Toesbod, Trinity One, Tristessa, Trumpetchris95,Turbo Tyler Durden og,Veggie, Wccn, You-Know-Who, Zena Bell