Jacked Sparrow

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Monsters of Godville
Jacked Sparrow
passer robustus
Class bird
Habitat gym roofs and tree branches
Description a really ripped bird

The Jacked Sparrow is a really muscular bird that lives to flex on all living things.

No pain

Birds want three things out of life: company, worms and a nest. The Sparrow could get none of them for he was the weakest fowl on the tree, but his fate changed when a strong and tall figure appeared in his dreams. The ripped stranger showed to the young Sparrow the way to achieve massive strength through constant and intensive training.

The young bird got to it the very next day, drinking worm protein shakes and exercising from dusk to dawn, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. In a couple months the Sparrow got to reap the muscular fruits of his labor.

No gain

But alas, this Sparrow flew too close to the sun. As a heroine strolled near the tree, the bird resolved to challenge the holy passerby with this very words: "Does thou even lift oh brethren of mine?" They lifted indeed and then dropped a mace upon the poor fowl, who was left there while cursing the heroine and swearing an unlikely revenge. This habit of duelling paladins would see him become a monster.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • He's as ripped as it comes
  • Carries healing protein shakes
  • "Does thou even lift?"


  • Too keen of mirrors
  • Anyone packs more muscle than a 30g bird
  • Has never won a fight
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