Irena of Ataxia

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Deities of Godville
Irena of Ataxia 
Heroine Nerian of the Oasis
Gender Female
Blue Feather Guild
Domain Living Water
Title Unknown
Personal Symbol Spiral of water

Irena is the second member of Heirs of the Pantheon, she joined during the first banquet held in the guild hall. Her first appearence was materializing out of the fountain in the main room.

Physical Appearance

Hair: Long and black, with streaks of blue and white in it. The white streaks seem to almost shimmer, as if they are fine streams of water.

Eyes: Blue

They are the tint of the sea in the still calm light that follows after a fine sunset; they were as luminous as the stars that came out over the Harbour in the afterglow, and were fringed about with very long soot-black lashes, and arched over by the most delicately pencilled dark eyebrows.
Tha Saxon, describing Irena

Skin: Pale ivory


Alternate form: Any state of water (She cannot be hurt in this form, but she can be trapped. If she turns back while trapped, she will be hurt.)

Travelling: While in her watery form, she can move very quickly through moving water bodies, the direction of the waterflow does not affect her ability. But unpure water (such as salt water) slows her movements. She cannot move through stagnant water.

Illusion: She can cover objects with a fine mist, which disappears after a very short time, leaving the illusion behind.

Cooking: She can whip up a fairly decent peach pie.

Leaning: She leans agaist another person's chair very well. Thrones work for her too.

Other abilities: Unknown


Irena is the child of a god and a demi-goddess. She grew up with her mother Ehlana, who would not tell her anything about her father except that he is a god from Poseidon's lineage. Ehlana does not know much about her lineage either, only that her father abandoned her mother, who was a mortal. Irena's illusion ability likely came from him. Being raised by a mortal, Ehlana does not know much about being a demi-goddess.

During her childhood years, Irena wandered a lot. During one of the adventures she met Nyx GodNyx of Darkness , who became a big sister figure for her. They didn't see each other for many years after Nyx came to Godville.

After Irena became an adult, the guild hall of Heirs of the Pantheon called to her. She joined the guild to learn about the tradions of her lineage, and to find her own path. She also met Nyx again after inviting Nyx to a banquet in the guild hall.


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