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Artifacts of Godville
Invite to Godville
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Just put it in the post and away you go!
Cost No godpower
Effect Add an Invite to your Friends List

Special use

An invite to Godville is a rare and special item. They are worth much more than any other bold artifact and so a hero will want to sell any of the invites that he acquires. The price that these special items sell for changes every day and the current selling price can be seen in the 'Market Quotes' section of the Godville Times.

Although heroes may not understand their uses, their gods do and will sometimes confiscate them and use them for their own purposes, ignoring the hero's anger at this. The invite allows a god to add anyone to their list of friends. In fact, a god cannot do this unless they have one of these items.

It is a powerful and much sought-after item because it has the potential to communicate with existing gods via messages or invite new gods to join. All a god needs to do is to type the mortal's e-mail address into the invite or the name of an existing god.

Recently [1], those invites gained a new power, allowing them to Befriend a monster for a limited amount of time.

In Diaries

!Hero's Diary
06:38 Hey, that invite to Godville was mine! Great One, you shouldn't take my stuff without my permission.

!Hero's Diary
02:05 The invite to Godville made a tinkling sound, transformed into a fluffy “+1” cloud, and flew away into the sky. What was that?

!Hero's Diary
01:51 Accidentally dropped my invite to Godville into a huge lake. As I was peering in to look for it, I thought I saw a dark blue “+1” symbol in the lake's depths. I'm never going to get that back, am I, Gentle One?


  • The invites are written in an ancient Godly language that the Hero cannot understand - though it does look fancy enough that the Hero thinks it might have worth to a trader.