Insecurity camera

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Not to be confused with Security Chimera.
Artifacts of Godville
Insecurity camera
Old Cam.jpeg
"Say cheese!"
Type 🧷Normal
Description The camera knows all your secrets, at least most of them

The Insecurity camera is an all-seeing artifact.

The Dark Crystal

There is a mysterious crystal in the far reaches of Godville. No one knows where to find it but the traders in Lostway always have one under the counter if you ask them nicely. The lens cut from it can properly read a soul, showing auras, influences and attached spirits.

As all things in Godville this device was soon weaponized. Because the camera can read a soul, it allows everyone to see a person's flaws and kinks. This artifact has been useful to swindle, torture and expose folks from all four corners.

Pic the Camera Holder

The exact origins of the camera is a mistery, but Quirkytown's folklore tells of a folk that once came to the city with a strange box hanging from their back. Their paintings were outlandish beings of colour that oozed energy as much as paint. When asked about the subject they responded "The Soul". The paintings hang in The Colour Wheel while the camera was sold to a trader by a greedy hero.