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Monsters of Godville
Hospitalis cryptonemis
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Class Humanoid
Habitat Inns and traveling waystations.
Description Craggy humanoid responsible for the “settling building” noises in inns.

The Inncreeper is a monster found in Godville. It most often haunts public accommodations when the lights are out.

How to Recognize this Monster

Inncreepers are not so much recognized visually, as auditorially. The hero who lays down to sleep at an inn or a traveler’s waystation, only to be kept awake by the sound of the building “settling,” may find himself the prey of this monster.

Hunters of the Inncreeper should be advised that it never carries a lantern. One that is seen to carry a candle or lamp is likely to be a legitimate innkeeper, and ought not to be attacked. But if a hero finds a humanoid shape in the darkened hallway, bearing no lantern, and stepping on nothing but the creakiest boards, the hero should draw his weapon. Or run back to his room and hide under the covers. Whichever is more expedient.



  • Unerring sensitivity to what will cause the greatest chills.
  • Friends with Norman Bates.


  • Prone to stubbing its own toes in the dark.