Industrial Revolutionary

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Industrial Revolutionary
Industrial rev1.jpg
Strong Monster
Description A bearded and distinguished fellow.

The Industrial Revolutionary is a monster to be sure, but a fine, upright, distinguished and educated fellow of a monster.

The particular evildoer kills slowly, not quickly. Which is why our Hero needs to kill it quickly, not slowly.

An Industrial Revolutionary kills by its overall good education and tech skills - it will quietly enter a town, make friends, aid workers, help build machines and revolutionize local industries. However it is all the while hell bent on slowly and painfully suffocating the entire population in evil brown smog.

Heroes, sharpen your sword and keep a steely eye. Vanquish this beasty at your first opportunity lest it vanquishes you.

!Hero's Diary
05:46 PM Threw the dropped hint and the dead beat down a wishing well. Heard an Industrial Revolutionary yell, “We don't accept bribes here!” followed by the gut-wrenching sound of artifacts breaking and then a a dislike button was thrown back at me. How rude.