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Artifacts of Godville
Indifference engine
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Our latest portable model ...
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The Indifference engine is a wonderfully helpful Artifact with hundreds of everyday uses.

  • If you can't decide whether to get out of bed in the morning...
  • If you can't think of which sword to wield today...
  • If you really don't know if you can be bothered facing the day ...
  • Should I or shouldn't I hack this monster to bits ...

... then this is the very Artifact for you.

Instructions for use

This beautifully simple device only needs a coal burning power source to operate. Once you have programmed the punch tape in octal code (our inventor lost a few fingers along the way), wound all fourteen function spools, engaged the seven spindle drives and lubricated the endless drive belt, you will have the answers to all your questions in mere hours.

Our handy home version ...