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Old Mates

17:54 Looted the lair of the slain Sir Render. Found an old group photo. Darn, we went to school together!

• In honor of “Spot the Firefox”,

he was a great buddy, long live em.

Im Yummy
Champion of the God: Peanut Butter Cup
Personality: Pure Evil
Gender: Male
Level: 43
Motto: You rule, but I 🌙
Guild: Harvest Moon
Guild Rank: Cardinal
Guild Position: Emotional Punching Bag
Wins / Losses: 56/16
Temple Completion Date: 04/24/2021 06:33
Ark Completion Date: 3.4%
Pairs Gathered Date: 0%
Retirement Date: 0%
Current Savings: 175 thousand
Pet Type: Dandy Lion
Pet Name: Sooba
Pet Level: 11
Pet Personality: Perilous
Pet Healing Count: 3
Favorite Town: Dessertown
Largest Ever Gold: 28,236
Most Hated Monster: Hawktopus
Personal Rival: Samara the Wild, Shorin

Lore, Told by His God

I accidentally reanimated a pile of sweets. Named the skeletal dude Jeff and made em a Black hoodie outta taffy.

One day a golden chunk fell off of Jeff and we went searching for it. I found it first. A fox was eating it. Just as I was about to scare it off with my Melty gooey substance (Now know as “Chocolate”) it died. I felt so bad of its untimely demise that I wished it alive.

The pile then fell on the fox and as I was digging it out a man appeared out of the pile and started eating the whole golden lump of candy. I was so shocked I stood there till he was done, then he declared I was his god and ran off. The fox’s corps was gone so I assume that my wish came true. I followed where he had went, asked about him to one of the guards of Dessertown, and they told me that a dude named GodKarot Dave (U • C • T)  appeared outta the forest covered in sugar.

I went back and searched for Jeff, found him crying at home. I didn’t tell em what happened and instead asked what would make em feel better. He then declared since he didn’t have as Devine power as I did that he wanted me to turn his body into a HERO to search the land for his missing piece. He was at home crying cuz a group of scorpion witches had terrorised him for looking like a lump of melted sugar... he saw how they coward in the path of a HERO and decided that the best way to find his piece was to blend in.

Though of course he ain’t stupid so he said once the situation became dire he wanted the ability to just magically appear and save the HERO from permanent death. But since I don’t have such power to keep him in two farms for long I declined. Till he begged. Then I folded. Told him he could only get a few minutes every time he did it. He agreed. That was the birth of Yummy