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Please place completed forms in the "discussion" section of the primary Idle Omens page. Only those with completed character sheets will be allowed to engage in certain events, so it is highly advised that all participants in the forum RP take some time and complete the following forms.

Forum RP Information: Hero-Class

Character Name:
Occupation: (eg. Merchant, Scholar, Monk, Gunslinger, Warrior)

Advantages: (eg. Are they attractive, well spoken, or charming?)
Disadvantages and Quirks: (eg. Are they ugly, mute, or deaf? What are their phobias?)
Skills: (eg. Magic, Special Training)

Hand Weapons:
Ranged Weapons:
Armor and Possessions:

Cultural Familiarity: (eg. How much do they know about Godville, and possibly outlying realms?)
Family: (eg. A short introduction to any family members, may or may not be pertinent in the RP)
Description: (eg. What do they look like?)
Background: (eg. What brings them to the ruins?)

Forum RP Information: Deity-Class

Deity Name:
Deity Type: (eg. Are they a demon, god or goddess, or some other god-like creature?)
Virtue: (eg. What values does your deity uphold?)
Vice: (eg. What can your deity not tolerate?)
Class: (eg. Are you a warrior deity, a deity of knowledge? What does your deity specialize in?)

Abilities: (eg. What can your deity do? Be as specific as possible.)

Followers: (eg. What are your followers like? Do you have more than one?)
Familiarity: (eg. How much does the deity know about other deities? Are they aware that other realms exist?)
Description: (eg. Does the deity have a physical form? How do they manifest themselves to the hero?)