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Strong Monsters of Godville
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid
Habitat Idea filled areas
Description Sorts ideas the only way it knows how: with PUNCHES

The Ideaboxer is a monster that processes every single idea submitted by the Gods. With punches.

The heroes that have seen or felt one of his punches and survive to describe it say that it brings you new and unimaginable ideas about every topic, making the hero smarter about useless knowledge. When coming across this monster, your hero will become vastly knowledgeable and will have a chance to hear a greater amount of commands from other Gods in his or her diary if vanquished, granting a greater chance to make a friend.

The Ideaboxer can be a tricky monster to fight if not prepared. When a God or a Goddess shouts a command there is a chance the Ideaboxer can interfere with the command and take it as it's own to store in the never-ending collection. Be wary of low health!

But to be honest, what's the point of having new ideas if there is a high chance for your god to ignore them?



  • Gets ideas constantly
  • Sometimes punches fiery punches
  • Cannot be hurt with arrows


  • Not very bright
  • Sluggish when chasing the hero
  • Bad ideas can hurt it, and let's face it, heroes have a lot of those