Ideabox rejection letter

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Artifacts of Godville
Ideabox rejection letter
A letter sent to an unfortunate ideator
Type 🧷Normal
Description Little bearers of bad news

Every god and goddess gets an ideabox rejection letter at least once in their immortal lives.

General Information

Hundreds of ideas are submitted in the ideabox everyday but sadly, not many of them are finally implemented. Therefore, these ideas are rejected, and that's where this particular artifact appears. Rejections are notified to the divines through written letters out of pure tradition, as they're able to check the status of their ideas. Sometimes goddesses and gods recycle these notifications, some hang them as an encouragement, some burn them, but the vast majority just throw them out of their clouds. Heroes and heroines pick them up as if they were somehow important (you know the motto "a seal means a deal") and sell them to gullible merchants who don't know how to read properly.