Ideabox Guardian

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Ideabox Guardian
Ideabox Guardian disguised as a telephone booth
Strong Monster
Description Unknown

Although the Ideabox Guardian is a common monster, it can fight very well.

It can create anything by typing a few letters on the back of its head.

Many heroes often walk away without noticing the monster as it can disguise itself as anything, even a small ant.



  • Can disguise itself into anything
  • Fights very well
  • Causes heroes to panic when it turns into a big monster
  • Sometimes insults its opponent’s ideas


  • Easy to kill when it disguises itself into small things like an ant or a mosquito
  • Is kind of crazy
  • Ideabox mostly doesn't work
  • Loves anything red (Can be distracted by red things)
  • Fears the color blue, especially blue things in the shape of a rectangle
  • Lets you pass, on a good day.