Ice Borg

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Monsters of Godville
Ice Borg
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

The Ice Borg is a slow but deadly creature, especially in deep waters. It is most famous for sinking large luxury liners and assimilating them into its own mass. The Ice Borg is made out of microscopic ice robots that dismantle and direct materials where they deem them the most useful. Short of computer hacking like a pro, the only way to fully destroy this monster is by total decimation, a.k.a. a tactical nuke, or pushing it into a large vat of molten hot metal. This is why the Ice Borg is fond of deep waters as no fire can be set, and most heroes don't carry nuclear bombs as they are quite cumbersome. Photos of the beast are pointless as its form changes with each new hero, cruise ship, or whale it encounters and assimilates, making this monster one of the most dangerous creatures in the realm.