I'm feeling lucky

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On day 327 g.e. (1st April 2011), a change was noted in the remote controls of all gods. The usual buttons had disappeared leaving behind a single mysterious one named 'I'm feeling lucky'. Intrigued, many gods tested the new feature and it quickly became clear that this was the Godville April Fool's Day joke.

When triggered, it randomly causes one of the following effects:

  • Side effect: the Arena was not available for as long as this feature lasted, as well as the voice of god command.

Note: this change only took place on non iOS and android devices; if you logged on with the iphone/ipod or android app you would see the normal buttons and a grayed out arena button saying 'we are cleaning the arena from broken teeth, tufts of hair and torn pockets. Hold on, it will be back in no time.' We can assume that this was the main point of this whole change.