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Monsters of Godville
Class Vampire
Description Unknown

The Hydracula is a Dracula that, after passing out from a lifeguard test and lying unconscious in the water for hours, was forced to live in, drink, and "eat" water.

However, the Hydracula does not let that stop it. It created a portable pool that can shrink and expand using voice commands. When encountered in a fight, it will try to charge the hero/heroine and knock it into the pool. Some heroes have been known to do this willingly when the surrounding area is hot, or they are drunk.

The Hydracula is easy to spot, because it stays in relatively open areas, and tends to have brightly colored pool floaties in its habitat. When encountered outside of a fight, it is wise to try to accept any refreshments, aka water, because it seems it believes that all organisms only need water to survive also. If you want to provoke it, say you hate water or eat/drink anything besides water in its presence. It has been known to invite all animals it sees to join it in a massive pool party, but then doesn't let them out and they eventually die from either starvation or drowning.



  • Can breathe water
  • Protected from fire and exercise
  • Never needs sunscreen


  • Pool is stuck in a big size because he can't activate the voice commands underwater
  • If it doesn't stop at a town every 5 days it can't see from mold in the pool
  • Will go into a blind rage from the sight of food and drink