House of Kyr

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House of Kyr
Shattered Pentacle.jpg
Motto: Coincidence is a Lie.
Alignment: Chaotic
Totem Monster: Beast of Revelations
High-level Rank: Arch Magister
Gold Fund: 144,000 c.u.
Leader: GodKarynne 
Date Founded: 21/12/2018
Membership Count: 3
Pantheon of unity Rank: 666
Guild Page: House of Kyr 
Data current as of 05/01/2019

Welcome to House Kyr; where all things esoteric, mystic, and dangerous/forbidden are explored and documented. The vision of this house is to revolutionise Earth, and establish it as the Capital, in a Divine, and Celestial frontier. It is time we stopped sailing our ships on tides of the Sea, and began sailing on tides of Gravity, Light, and Spirit.