Hound of Music

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Monsters of Godville
Hound of Music
Canis musices
Class Canine
Habitat Anywhere, as long as there is an audience
Description A musician with bark and bite

The Hound of Music (Canis musices) is a monster that comes in many forms. From the rock-and-roll breed depicted on the right to the relatively rare classical breed, the Hounds of Music have many different tastes and styles. But they are all similar in one way: they want their music to be heard. And if it just so happens that your hero is in the right place at the right time, they will do anything to keep him around for the performance.

The very first hound (an opera breed) was a stray who had attempted to join the musicians of Bremen. However, they already had a dog in the group, and they were not particularly suited for opera; so the hound dropped out. He searched far and wide for other groups that would accept him, but to no avail. Distraught at his failure, he dejectedly started walking back to his home. But on the way, he met a kind hero who noticed his troubled expression and offered to hear the hound's music after learning his story. The dog, thrilled that someone would care to listen, began to sing.

Unfortunately, the hero figured out the real reason why no one had accepted the dog: his voice was simply terrible. He attempted to sneak away, but the hound would have none of it and attacked it in a rage. Once the hero became still, the hound continued his performance as if nothing had happened. At the end, he clapped the hero's hands together and bowed to the "applause". Then he took a few gold coins ("Why, thank you for the payment, good sir!") and left. Other aspiring musicians noticed the hound's success and copied the method.



  • Sharp claws
  • Capable of piercingly high notes
  • Very good at dodging (tomatoes)


  • Earplugs
  • Sometimes sings too high to be heard
  • Destruction of the instrument/throat
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