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Monsters of Godville
Hot Dog
Canis ardentes
Class Devouroid
Habitat Urban to global.
Description Heavily armored and furred.

The Hot Dog (Canis ardentes, "flaming dog") is a monster of tasteful fury. He isn't that mean, actually, isn't that right? Oh yeah, who's a good boy? Anyway, where was I? ... Oh yeah! He's not that bad! He's just trained to uh... Guard the 21st Milestone! He stays there, right? Hey, don't look at me like that-



  • Oddly cute, through the eyes of a hero.
  • Breathes fire hot enough to burn through any known material.
  • Hot. Very, very hot.


  • Edible, although only the most inebriated of heroes are known to attempt this.
  • An absolute mess in water.
  • Can't resist a nice dog biscuit.
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