Honnōji Academy

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Honnōji Academy
Alignment: True Darkness
Totem Monster: Sad Panda
Gold Fund: 22914 c.u.
Date Founded: 6th May 2014
Membership Count: 126
Pantheon of unity Rank: 192
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 137
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 14
Forum Headquarters: Honnōji Academy
Guild Page: Honnōji Academy 
Data current as of 27th June 2014

About Us

We are the Honnōji Academy guild. Born and raised in the dark. We feel the true darkness and love to duel.

The Origins of our name

Honnōji is most famous for the Honnōji Incident. Oda Nobunaga lodged there before his invasion of the west. However on the morning of June 21, 1582, the traitorous forces of Akechi Mitsuhide surrounded the temple and set it on fire. Knowing there was no way out for him, Nobunaga committed seppuku (is a form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment. Seppuku was originally reserved only for samurai. Part of the samurai bushido honour code, seppuku was either used voluntarily by samurai to die with honour rather than fall into the hands of their enemies) along with his attendant Mori Ranmaru. Ranmaru's brothers also perished at Honnōji.

The Honnōji Academy Guild Hall

Welcome to the Honnōji Academy Guild Hall

Join "Honnōji Academy" Guild!

Do you want to join Honnōji Academy? That's easy. If you wanna be one of us, send the following command to your hero: Join the "Honnōji Academy" guild (quotes includes)

Remember, your hero is most likely to listen when idle and not in a town. If he doesn't listen, keep trying until you get a response. It can take several tries, but don't give up!. Do not stop your hero's current quest before sending the command to join.


As a true darkness guild, we seek the power of victory, the fearless of heroes, and their lives, as every item and money any other hero may possess. So, let's show and prove our dark aggressiveness ranking up our Pantheon of Duelers (individual) and Pantheon of Duelery (Guild).

Let them know the true personality of Honnōji Academy.

Arena Policy

By using the Guild Council Chat let us know when your hero is entering the arena, that way we will try to avoid figthing each other. If even so, is inevitable and you have to fight against a Honnōji Academy member, we recommend that the matched guildmates try to communicate via Guild Council (or private message, if friends in GodVille) to discuss terms of the fight. If neither players responds, or if there is a disagreement, then... let the fight begin. No one is expected to throw a fight against a guild member, but always give your best.!!!

** Since the last update in the Arena system, is not 100% accurate for this to happen, but we better not take the risk.**

For Beginners

For those new members who have chosen to follow the dark path, this Arena Guide may help you out. Remember, you can send your hero to the Arena, every 4 hours.


** If your name is missing in any table, please contact the Leader or Co-Leader **

Temple Owners

Temple Owner Temple Completion Date
GodAbeshi  24/12/2014
GodAncient666  19/11/2014
GodAskance  14/04/2014
GodThe pickled one  23/09/2013
GodSkywayskase  12/12/2013
GodIrishfino  03/23/2013
GodJesustit  04/10/2015
GodDeus Ex Androidica  06/26/2013
GodXella  03/21/2014

Matriarch & Patriarch rank

God Name God Name God Name God Name
GodAbeshi  GodAncient666  GodSatomi Rentaro  GodAskance 

Hierarch & Cardinal rank

God Name God Name God Name God Name
GodThe pickled one  GodTakuya  GodScarlet Iris  GodThomas Cao 
GodBossMelsong  GodJohnnny  GodJoostan  GodSkywayskase 
GodJesustit  GodFlyddeVeil 

Grand Master & Advisor rank

God Name God Name God Name God Name
GodPanddora  GodKuroHikari  GodRaviolli  GodQuinnikus 
GodAlna  GodCreation Eater  GodIrishfino  GodReenetz 
GodThe Primex  GodDefenestration  GodPotato Charles  GodSquirtle007 
GodTakuya  GodJabole  GodEden -13 

Chief Master & Master rank

God Name God Name God Name God Name
GodMurphtile  GodBacunaua  GodUniveras  GodPayer 
GodVictorem  GodAndogit  GodRavi La Devious  GodMagister Lilith Nox 
GodPeople watcher  GodPiotre  GodSmile TRD  GodNefarian 
GodWorempie  GodGod of lazy  GodSwekLord  GodSkittleman 
GodIiry  GodLord Spon  GodTheoddoneout  GodAlmighty213 
GodI4ybrid  GodAlistairisoldor  GodDeus Ex Androidica  GodSinging River 
GodEffigylord  GodJmcp  GodTelaria  GodMibang XIII 
GodKilldroy  GodImashinu  GodBunny slayer  GodMiss Alaynius 
GodLionel Stone  GodBoom34  GodJuicipanda  GodTinghao 
GodSeekers  GodSeth Sargent  GodTheras  GodBlackoutice 
GodSandlotobin  GodBud4man  GodVirkael  GodSkyeLatherine 
GodMigii  GodEarl of Lemongrab  GodHazmazkiller  GodZeroland 
GodSpotify  GodMizzTLa 

Worth new members

God Name God Name God Name God Name
GodFernanOrtega  GodJustgen28  GodNutsinmymouth  GodMistress of the Moon 
GodSithis The Divine  GodTrancepeace  GodFleur Delacour  GodAmnezix 
GodHuracrull  GodSeraphim Omega  GodRakzon  GodKuromaku 
GodLordCumDumpster  GodNishio Rice  GodZorky the Gracious  GodBakery 
GodAryx  GodSylllar  GodCana Alberona  GodWetohr 
GodJagonnath  GodXella  GodJlmim  GodLupusVir 
GodRaindays  GodDark Lord Zeref  GodThorfire  GodTheGuyWhoLikesSugar 
GodTeddeh  GodDude Awesome  GodTickman  GodFwam 
GodNiglets  GodAnthoron  GodAnabasus  GodUdemar 
GodDivine Porcupine  GodJavier AB  GodPrince of War  GodGrakas 
GodDonstarock  GodTobius13  GodOenomaus  GodKitchenWytch 
GodRodthegod  GodSabriner  GodZoe Schwab  GodRedrico 
GodPlatimir Voutine 

What you must not forget

Sometimes, our hero is gonna try to move to another Guild, that's why you must be very alert and keep an eye on your quest name (at least check it once a day). So, if you see your hero doing the following quest #Become a xx member of the "random guild name" guild be sure to cancel it by sending the command Cancel quest. Keep trying untill you see the word (Canceled) next to the quest's name.

Your hero will stop the attempts of changing guild once you reach the rank of Cardinal. How to reach that rank? that's easy, the longer you're in the Guild, the higher rank your hero will be.