Highly Scientific Hero Failing Statistic

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name highly scientific hero failing statistic
founded 1615 g.e. in San Santanos
members one
class first survey, nowadays research group

The Highly Scientific Hero Failing Statistic, short H.S.H.F.S., is a "group" of people that developed from a surveey about failing. Their main targets are to find out why heroes fail, when and where they do it and how to do it epically. They are very not-well-known and won't win any prizes since they do nothing that would be worth them.


On the boring day 1615 g.e. the trader Laqueesha Halahir had the spontaneous idea of researching heroic failing. Thus he founded the H.S.H.F.S., which nowadays still isn't commonly known.
He quickly came to a complicated conclusion that should be explained here in Halahir's own words:

« Heroes are dumb.
Laqueesha Halahir

This completely new idea - of course - changed the course of history and the whole world looked at the newly founded H.S.H.F.S.
He continued with his theory and finally thought alcohol might be dangerous. After strong criticism he distanced himself from this idea.

« The world's problem is: We live in yesterday. Everybody is trying to judge me by past words. There has to be a clear division between what is going and what is gone. The things I said yesterday are no longer of interest.
Laqueesha Halahir

Nowadays the H.S.H.F.S. is an unimportant organisation aiming to determine the world of fails until myriads of digits. They are thought of as geeks which is right.[1]


The following statements are agreed on inside the "research group":

  • Heroes are dumb.
  • Today is today.
  • Yesterday was yesterday.
  • Alcohol might not be the solution for every problem.
  • The more digits, the better.

The following statements are agreed on by heroes:



« Although the fundamental principles written in the [...] survey are considered correct, this must not lead to the wrong opinion that so is the rest. Because it is not! I am often asked: 'How d'you know?' And I always answer with the following words: 'Dunno.' [...]
author begged to stay anonymous[2]

Nevertheless, the survey's founder kept calm:

« Lol.
Laqueesha Halahir

The above discussion is called one of the smartest and eloquent disputes of divine history. It is estimated that in 500 years (184297 g.e.) about 900,000 students will have been tortured by interpreting these speeches[3]. According to H.S.H.F.S. is this "[...] callable an epic fail!"


  1. As this is said as an objective truth it is - more or less - allowed on a wiki page. Still it is recommended to call it: Citation needed.
  2. Link to his facebook page is to come.
  3. The minimum to write is 750 words.