Hidden Dragon

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Monsters of Godville
Hidden Dragon
Class Dragon
Habitat Deserted castles, godforsaken mountains and desolated areas
Description Almost invisible, medium sized dragon
Totem for Antisocial Socialites

The Hidden Dragon (Draconis caecus) is the loneliest kind of dragon. It prefers solitude so much, it developed constant magical invisibility so no one comes to see it. In this voluntary exile it kills time with practicing various yoga positions, taking selfies and writing poetry. It is sometimes territorial and is easily provoked by heroes invading what it calls home. Then again, we do not know how many times it didn't attack invaders, just hid weeping until they were gone instead. It's breath is known to make heroes fall into deep depressive states.


It resides at the most isolated and underpopulated places it can find, such as ghost towns, empty cave systems, deserts, swamps. They generally create a nest or inhabit rooms and halls about 6-7 times their body size.



  • Invisibility (duh)
  • Can fly like most dragon species
  • Fit and able to do deep stretches
  • Has a depressive breath


  • Melancholic attitude
  • Has no allies
  • Vulnerability to paintball gun
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