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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 67
Map code HW
Known for Good trading, lavish parties and good savings
Motto Heroibus solum


Herowin is home to only Heroes and Heroines. The motto of the town is Heroibus solum, which roughly translates as "No Normies Allowed".

Of course, having a settlement populated exclusively by bullheaded, narcissistic, vainglorious alpha males/females of dubious IQ presents its challenges. The town's largest issues are not brawls breaking out in the streets, but an abundance of rubbish and human waste that all present refuse to clean up. Reasons such as "That's not my job" and "But I'm a hero" echo through the squalid alleys. Hence the heraldic municipal crest showing Three stinking fish atop a knight's helm surrounded by a mantle of old cabbage leaves.

Game Notes

  • Artifacts sell for twice as much here.
  • Heroes waste more money here than usual.


Herowin is a town, established in 1048 g.e. Its towers are still fresh and bright, and its streets still proud and awash with wealthy heroes. A band of heroes, disgruntled with the sprawl and congestion of Beerburgh, took themselves and their new found wealth across the Mainstream river to carve out a new town.


Travelers looking for Herowin are advised to go southwest from Beerburgh and cross the Mainstream. Here you will find this sprawling town. See the Map of Godville

Distinctive Features


Pictured is the Tower of Babble, where heroes gather to chat and extol the virtues of their wonderful selves.

Tourists to the city may also note the astounding array of aromas at the Mainstream Fish Market, which has not been cleaned since its inception. Every fish ever hooked, speared, or seduced ashore can be found here, even the famed Shrieking Eel of the Cliffs of Insanity, although without any chefs your tongue would be better served licking the insides of your shoe. Who would visit this dreadful, tasteless grilled snot of a humbuggers shack anyhow?

Please include in your travels a visit to the Hero Museum, which is really just a collection of high quality mirrors for the populace to admire themselves in. Still, the gilt frames and strutting of overblown heroes is a sight to remember.

The Mayor

Me ? Sweep the streets ? You jest ...

The mayor of Herowin (pictured) leads by true example. He is a vain fop of a hero, full of his own wonderful deeds and vainglorious appearance. He will always grant an audience to those who would stop by, as long as they remark upon his fine mustachios, his superb flowing locks and handsome good looks.

As seen in The Diary

!Hero's Diary
04:06 PM Passed a sign which read: “Visit Herowin! You may not get a date, but other miracles do happen there.”

!Hero's Diary
09:39 Used my jungle bell to plug a hole in a dam. If the leak had reached Herowin it could have watered down the beer reserves!

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