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Shop redirects here. For shops found by the roadside, see Hawkers.

Retirement is the dream all heroes strive for. To finally get a chance to sell and buy items, meet other heroes and encounter monsters without all the effort of walking countless milestones to complete quests. It is a life that only traders get to experience and as a result, when a hero finally saves enough coins to retire, they will invest them in buying a shop and achieving their dream of becoming a trader themselves.


The shop interface in a browser

Setting up a shop is very expensive, due to there being a lot of competition from other traders. Only once the hero has saved up thirty million gold coins for retirement will they be able to afford one. Once they have this, they will be able to open a shop in Godville. Once this is done their god will be able to order the hero to tend the shop, where the hero will buy items from other heroes, and sell them to monsters. Doing this will help the hero increase their trader level, which is separate from their ordinary level. At trader level 10, the god will also be able to rename the shop.

Their god will also be able to check orders and for 50 godpower they will be able to place an order for one of the three available artifacts, which may cause the selected artifact to appear in the Buy and Sell section of the Godville Times the next day. If the god wants the hero to return to their usual duties, they can also order them to do that.

Other Effects

Having a shop will also double the size of a god's godpower bar, allowing it to hold 200% godpower. However, the hero being in the shop will prevent the god from using any influences, such as encouragement, punishment, or miracles.

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