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The inner workings of a typical hero. (Click for full resolution)

A hero (or heroine in the case of females) is the protagonist in the game of Godville.

General Information

Upon a God's entrance into the Godville universe, a hero is born into the world of Godville as the champion and representative of his God. These newborn heroes are always weak, inexperienced and devoid of any skills. They lack equipment to defend themselves from powerful monsters and the occasional attacks from other older heroes. Like their Gods, newborn heroes lack knowledge of Godville's customs and traditions. Gods with newborn heroes are often heard commanding unintelligible noise to their heroes who respond with equal confusion.

Heroes constantly write entries in their diaries, which are visible to their God. Diary entries are the main way Gods can monitor their heroes. Unfortunately, Gods can usually only see the last ten diary entries of their hero, so Gods have a difficult time determining what a hero was doing eleven diary entries ago. Only special diary entries are visible for longer.

An unknown hero.

Heroes rarely manage to do their job right. They also don't appear to learn as they get older. Simply put, heroes are dumb. This unmitigated stupidity routinely infuriates yet entertains their respective Gods. Heroes fight, win, lose, buy equipment, sell artifacts, drink beer, and waste coins. Occasionally, heroes obtain gold bricks to complete their goal of building a temple for their God.

The personality of heroes also varies wildly. Some are angelic, some are demonic, some are powerful, some are weak, some are brainless . . . well, all are brainless because if they weren't brainless, they wouldn't go out and do idiotic and heroic things, now would they? While a God cannot control what a hero does nor can a God choose a hero's personality, a God can influence a hero with the "encourage" or "punish" commands. Repeated "encourage" commands will influence a hero to be good. Repeated "punish" commands will influence a hero to be evil. Voice commands from a God can also influence a hero's actions though the commands are often ignored.

Be warned that prolonged absence from providing "encourage" or "punish" commands will cause a hero to lose faith in his God. Neglected heroes will get lazy and will stop performing quests in honor of their God. Heroes who have completely lost faith become Feral Heroes or Antiheroes whose goal in life is to kill heroes with gods who have not abandoned them.



  • Able to listen to their god
  • Able to drink alcohol
  • Able to use skills


  • Being confused
  • Able to be tricked by other monsters
  • Awfully dumb