Hermes' training sneakers

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Equipment of Godville
Hermes' training sneakers
Worn 👖Legs
Durability +9
Description Unknown

The Hermes' training sneakers are a leg equipment for heroes and heroines.


Hermes, patron of roads and travelers, gave his raggedy old sneakers to his son Pan in the hopes that the goat-boy might take over as the official messenger of the gods. Pan managed to hang onto them for a little bit, but after a few months of chewing on the soles and using expletives every time the shoes slipped off his hooves, he finally left them sitting by the side of the road where a passing trader picked them up.

It is said that they are the most comfortable shoes. Not the right size? Not to worry they shrink or grow to fit anyone. Remember, these are magical shoes. Your feet will never tire no matter how many milestones you pass. You will run faster, either into the fight or away from it. You will jump higher and well who knows what else. Afterall there is only one pair and noone knows where they are.


I personally wouldn't do anything that might wipe away the magic.


No refunds, no exchanges no warranties course if we could find them you would have to pay a temples worth of gold for them.