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Instructions for volunteers

There are no automated tools or bots to assist with the process here, so I'm afraid it's all sort of manual.

Signing up to help

Basically, please first add yourself to either or both lists at the bottom of the Help:Requests page by (as it says in the comments you'll see if you open the page for editing) adding an asterisk and three tildes on a new line under the existing list. That'll insert your username automatically.

So for example if User:Someone wants to join the Writing Volunteers, they'd edit the page to:

===Writing volunteers===
<!-- Add a line with a star followed by three tildes: * ~~~ then save the page -->
* [[User:AUser|AUser]] ([[User talk:AUser|talk]])
* [[User:Another|Another]] ([[User talk:Another|talk]])
* [[User:BUser|BUser]] ([[User talk:BUser|talk]])
* ~~~

Which upon saving the page would automatically become:

Writing volunteers
  • AUser (talk)
  • Another (talk)
  • BUser (talk)
  • Someone (talk)

Helping out


Then, periodically check Help:Requests for new requests. Hopefully the requests will be clear enough about what they're looking for help with. If it's not clear who left a request and that information would be useful, you can check the edit history for the requests page to see who added it.


If you like, you can click this link to add the Help:Requests page to your watchlist. Any page in your watchlist will appear in bold in the Recent Changes list.

You can see just the changes to pages in your watchlist at the Special:Watchlist page (also linked in the header at the top right of every page). In that view, bold indicates a page you haven't visited since the edit, meaning the bold entries represent pages with new changes you haven't seen.

Completing Requests

When you've helped out with a request and you feel that it's been satisfied (your discretion, they can always make another request if they need more help), please move the requested item(s) to the "Missions Accomplished" section at the bottom, to keep the requests list tidy and focused on un-filled requests.

("Missions Accomplished" should also be cleared out regularly; deleted entries are still preserved in the Help:Requests page history.)