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Pets of Godville
Elephas imaginarius
Strong Monster
Class Imaginary pachyderm
Habitat Cerebral Cortex
Description Animal that forms in one's imagination
Tame at levels 40-59
Feature Riding

The Heffalump (Elephas imaginarius "imaginary elephant") is a tamable monster.

A heffalump is an imaginary animal. Because of this, there is a large debate on what the Heffalump actually looks like. Most Heffalumps are portrayed having greyish skin, large pink ears, and a long flexible appendage protruding from between their eyes - this is known as a "trunk" - an extension of a nose.

Most people agree that a heffalump has four legs, though some claim to have imagined heffalumps with six legs. (One hero purportedly imagined a nine-legged heffalump, but eyewitnesses said they had seen him only one hour previously at the local bar clutching a large tankard of ale). Heffalumps sometimes have wings, but they are generally incapable of using them (they are usually short and stubby). In some rare cases, however, heffalumps have been known to fly, though these are generally confused with dragons and therefore disregarded. Heffalumps are generally grey, but heroes from San Satanos have reported seeing brown, black, and white ones as well. Other reports from Los Demonos and Godville describe heffalumps of various other colors - purple, yellow - even striped or polka-dotted. Although much speculation about the existence of colored heffalumps remains, it is common knowledge that in Beerburgh all heros can see pink heffalumps on parade. Often seen in company of Woozles.

A Heffalump is usually about thrice as tall as an average hero - so one will need a stepstool (or a levitation spell) to mount their Heffalump if they want to take a ride.

Since this is an imaginary animal, a heffalump can have many different forms of a personality as well, pending on its environment, and how its owner treats it. Certain personalities may change the heffalumps appearance and color. In some cases this may cause a heffalump to have a more effective attack when in battle. However, if it is ill or injured, its fighting methods won't be as accurate.



  • Rideable
  • Can help its owner in battle
  • Imaginary, so some opposing monsters do not realize they are there


  • Too scared to go into dungeons
  • Love eating & breaking items
  • Imaginary, so your hero can sometimes forget they exist
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