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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 42
Map code HP
Known for Quicker healing, expensive stuff,and known for selling Medical kilts for cheap
Motto No appointment necessary

Healiopolis, known to many heroes as The Healing Center of the World, is a newly founded town in Godville famous for its significant advances in medicine. Its population purely consists of healers, mainly doctors and nurses. Though the town is relatively small in terms of geographic and population size, it is usually filled with heroes from all around the continent coming to visit for healing and rejuvenation. Beautiful plants with the power of healing are easily found here.


Due to the town's abundance in healers and healing item shops, heroes receive quicker healing here than in any other town. However, the abundance of healers is not necessarily a good thing. Traders don't usually set up shop here, which drives retired healers who lack experience in trading to pursue trading, placing their prices higher than what the average hero can purchase.


The relationship between heroism and medicine dates way back to the founding days of heroism in Godville. It goes without saying that all of Godville's greatest heroes had the greatest healers. Ever since the dawn of heroism, healing has already been practiced by many gifted humans to aid heroes in their quests. Historians say that the art of healing was taught to humans by the elves to protect themselves from the ever-growing monster population. The first ever known healers built the city of Healiopolis, and spread the art of healing to humanity from there.

These healers, over time, became divided into two factions—the doctors and nurses, practitioners of scientific medicine, and the shamans and witches, practitioners of magical medicine. The two factions heavily disagreed upon each other's methods of healing, and sometime after the establishment of the Arena, the Great Healing War occurred. The war was famous for having a negative number of casualties (Godville historians still don't understand this.). The shamans and witches lost in this war and gradually declined over the years, with the remaining few today living out of the towns and healing stray heroes with magic and sorcery.


What sets the town apart from any other town is its shape. The town is circular, bordered by the River of Medicine, and is divided into four sections by the rivers Hembrus, Esprius, Albrimius, and Lamassus. each branching off from the Lake of Life, found at the town's exact center. The lake and rivers are made of magical healing water believed to be the tears the three supreme gods shed during the creation. The water's healing properties were first discovered by the elves, who with it were the first to master the art of healing. The waters surrounding the town form a weak ever-existing border of healing around Healiopolis, which inflicts pain to hostile monsters attempting to enter the town.

Distinctive Features

The town's early residents, after learning of the art of healing from the elves, sought to educate the world of this newfound art. and thus established the Doctor Academy, which up to this day serves as the continent's go-to institution for aspiring doctors and nurses, as it is the only institution to teach aspiring doctors and nurses. The town also sports the Healer's Market, a public market for heroes to purchase healing artifacts and overly-expensive equipment.

Legends tell that the town also contains the mythical Fountain of Youth, although no evidence of its existence still exists. It is said that the elves keep the fountain's existence a secret to protect it from humanity, who might abuse the fountain's magical abilities. Either that or the gods simply do not want to see their beloved heroes live forever and annoy them for eternity.

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